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sorry guys i lost, u guys won. wen u cant beat them join them. my trash btw BB1, that wasnt funny at all. try again next time. thanks for luls guys. i accept my defeat. its hard to fight an entire forum
Quote: Originally Posted by MikeDT This is worse than what some of my eighth grade Chinese students write. StyleForum is about Something that any LV product(genuine or counterfeit) is severely lacking. Brand whoring /= style. ok, i really dont understand how all the negativity came from a simple request. I'm a poor stupid unstylish poser. I didnt know that my english teacher was checking my grammar on a forum. Next time, i'll...
Quote: Originally Posted by jet ^can someone translate this poor bastard's post into something comprehensible please? ok ahmadinejad, u want to get in this also. since obviously ur trying to poke fun at my intelligence, post a pic ur diploma to the prestigious school u went to.
Quote: Originally Posted by Wess The thread calls for it. Ok, I'll try to help the poor guy. The eBay seller (flyhightrendz11) has 0 feedback. Replicas of these kinds of feces are everywhere. Draw your own conclusion. If you decide to buy it anyway, you deserve to be ripped off. Stop trying to look like you can afford crap that you can't. honestly i always hated that new guy that comes to a forum and talks shit but i guess this just isnt...
Quote: Originally Posted by *#.. Those are ugly anyways, why would you buy them? i buy what i like lol, i thought thats wat people do. im wearing it not u, am i right? can i get any type of help?
Quote: Originally Posted by Harbin but the real question is: will it blend? i dont get it
Can i get a legit check on these evidences?
size 36-38, preferably interlocking gs also some sunglasses
will u take 420 for the shades
can u provide additional pics, im interested
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