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Pm'ed u. Still available?
gift payment only. can ship or just give u the code for online use. located in dallas if u would like to pick it up
can you post pics...
thanks for the help man. hes more of an associate. im meeting up with him later tonight, so i either wanna get my money back or buy another if anyone else can confirm thatd be great. I mean it feels like real leather, i have no reason to believe its fake just reassuring myself
he works at saks, hes supposedly getting it from another friend who works at the lv store where they trade discounts occasionally
any help please?
Not sure if right thread but if yall can help me out thatd be great. I bought it from a friend, i hope he didnt pull one over on me and if authentic im actually buying another from him later today Thanks in advance for the help guys, here are the pics.
reduced to 75. guys, take these off my hands. im broke as hell.
bought these off this forum, didnt fit me the way i like. basically new, i just tried them on. the guy i bought them from said he maybe wore them once. It's raw japanese denim, still stiff!!! straight across the top they are 18 inch wide. leg openings are 8.75 inch wide.
im pretty sure thats fake..
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