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Only if it's the "trim to fit" type. Many belts I've seen are riveted with a set length.
Any recommendations as to where to purchase good dress belts for skinny men? As in, I'd get Brooks Brothers, EGs or one of the trad staples, but with a 27" waistline, most of the belts I've come across won't fit.
How similar/different is the fit between 82 and 888? As I understand it, the 888 has a squared off toe, but otherwise is similar in width?
Just received a pair of new EGs. They fit me well -- the next size down would probably be too small -- but how much space is there supposed to be in the toe box? As in, due to the shape of the 82 last compared to the shape of a foot, I'm guessing the big toe shouldn't touch the tip of the shoe.
Well, hopefully E = US D because I have a slim foot -- on standard widths, I always tighten my Oxfords and Derbies as much as they can be tightened.
So a UK 7 should be just fine?
What is the EG 82 last conversion size to US size? From what I've seen on most online shoe stores, they said that EG's UK sizes are half a size smaller than US. But on some places here, I've seen people say that it runs small. My shoe size in US is size 7.5D. Should I go with a 7 UK or 7.5UK?
I have a slim foot (slim end of a D width), and low instep (terribly flat-footed). Any ideas on how the C&J Weymouth or Wembley will fit me?
No argument there. But if stores like LL Bean can still do it, I don't see why BB can't though.
So I don't know if y'all know this, but Brooks Brothers changed their Unconditional Guarantee. Bad move, imo.
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