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I did some polishing today:
Knit tie today...
My choice for today:
I provided shirt measurements, but perhaps I should have double-checked them with other polo shirts in order to make them more precise. Anyway, the measurements are a minor issue to me in this case. I didn't expect a perfect fit in the first attempt, especially since in all my years of bespoke and MTM experience this was the first time that I ordered a polo shirt. What caused me quite a headache (and made me laugh out loud) are the buttons, although I now believe that I...
The order confirmation reads "1x Blue Knitted Pique - Blue Pique", followed by the measurements. I chose the shirt through the "Polos" section of the website, so I didn't even imagine that the item might be something like a shirt. The measurements roughly match the ones I've given them except that the shirt is too short and too wide in the hips (which is intensified by the fact that the shirt is open at the bottom). Perhaps I should have told them explicitly that the...
I was just kidding. I'm not going to wear this, that's for sure.
That's how it looks when worn. The fit is quite good, but I'm still worrying about the buttons. What do you think, should I close the last button or leave it open?
I didn't give any particular specifications apart from my measurements and a monogram. All I ordered was a regular polo shirt.
I don't know how this could happen. The shirt seems very fine, apart from a very sloppy monogram. The polo, however, is the craziest thing that has ever entered my wardrobe.
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