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Strong necro. But this topic is sealed now with the gustin sneaker. At least for low tops
Still stuck in "dark green ordered 6/18" limbo.
Well, at the time I was putting mine in, it was simply a matter of inserting a row above or below. Dunno about this protection thing though.
I don't understand why there are a bunch of july 2013 orders at the bottom of the spreadsheet. Why not just insert it where the july orders are?I mean, at least for the sake of clarity, it seems logical
I concur with alot of the recent posts made by people with actual orders on the line. Alot of us, I believe, still prefer our jackets as opposed to a refund. Whilst that is not to say we should slacken our stance or abandon any measures but we should provide precise expectations at certain timepoints to allow for Drew the opportunity to actually rectify the situation, if he actually intends to. Otherwise, all measures should be taken. I also echo the same frustration with...
Damn, 0-100 in 0.1 second. This escalated quickly. Not entirely sure how this would turn out What is this list for anyway? Potential paypal complaints or already lodged paypal disputes? Putting my username down anyways. 1 dvskei 2 chenm0416 3 Feji 4 MickeyPunch 5 StPauli 6 reallypeacedoff 7 wklq76a 8 FireGX 9 RetroFuture 10 Spaghettimatt 11 Nolvadex 12 flipster 13 TheObserver 14 bakasam 15 Death24xASecond 16 Demure 17 veekta 18 SuperFamicom 19 pyroxyze 20 ninopwns 21...
Cmon distorb, at least the platinum hydrowheyBut thanks though Charlie, you've always answered my emails promptly
This is getting overused now and is getting super cringey
He's the clothsurgeon
Toj0 (Navy/black) under Raymond Luc
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