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I just tried to provide all the details they wanted which included receipts, the item i expected to receive and by when and my attempts to communicate with the seller. Surprisingly, I didn't meet much resistance when trying to lodge the dispute but maybe that only occurs during the dispute (?)
Filed my chargeback with my bank and sent in all the details I could provide. Sigh, can't believe it has come to this. All Drew had to do was provide periodic updates in the form of spreadsheet updates but he couldn't even be bothered doing that.
What was your "classification" on the spreadsheet?
Styleforum, I'm going to the USA on Dec 11th-Jan 13th and am, at the moment basically clueless about what to do and where to go. All I know is that I'll be at Los Angeles first but from then on is still pretty much unplanned. I have more or less a month, so please recommend me places to stay, must go destinations and activities! Thanks!!
This sounds like the opposite of what I think you actually want to say.
Supposedly, when I issue a paypal dispute, it automatically escalates into a claim because the seller (drew) is unable to respond. This is not normal right?
So very true.This is very exciting, to see so many more options be available in face of the vacuum TOJ would have left. Despite this however, I think we should reserve some of the attention remaining to the jackets that are still outstanding. Is drew still looking through the thread and producing jackets? He hasn't updated in a while (including the wholesalers closing or W/E).
Some prospective toj customers wanted a double rider but didnt want to commit to a risky purchase so this may be welcome news for them.Second, people demanded to know so he provided.
Strong necro. But this topic is sealed now with the gustin sneaker. At least for low tops
Still stuck in "dark green ordered 6/18" limbo.
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