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APC has one, though not as light. And probably not within the 100-200 range
ppl get mad toj continues to take orders, toj stops taking orders ppl get mad. There is no winning
Petit standard cotton pants sizing is the same as that of the jeans? or is the stretch not quite as prominent on pants as opposed to the denim
Totally.I posted about this before but i believe the italian stores do not deduct VAT. I tested this out with WP store. The italian prices showed base price with the additional VAT and the international prices was the Italian total with no mention of tax
Been eyeing the hoodie. Copped with swiftness
Tried opening ceremony, but at checkout I was told that my area wasn't available for shipping. Despite Australia being on their shipping list.^quicksilverxpFit pics?
Missed out on size S Aviator at the patrik ervell webstore. Should I lament my loss? Was it a good piece?
shiiit, for sure gonna hit one year on mine then. was hoping it might come for the winter season. low chances for that it seems:facepalm:
4.24-4.30.Got so frkn weird.
Lane Crawford had a pair of 30s in navy for 130
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