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Cmon distorb, at least the platinum hydrowheyBut thanks though Charlie, you've always answered my emails promptly
This is getting overused now and is getting super cringey
He's the clothsurgeon
Toj0 (Navy/black) under Raymond Luc
Hey drew, was wondering what batch we are at now? Saw some dude receive a toj0 recently(?) and was wondering whether to expect mine on the way. Thanks
Aw chit. Calling out Connor George. EDIT: Actually am i allowed? oh well
Perhaps you should consider your own advice. That wasn't my only example.In addition you constantly post with a certain sense of pretentiousness and derision and I only reply because I find you incredibly distasteful. Any gripes you have or faults in my arguments that you have found have been answered by the myriad of posters after me.And you should really curb your constant smugness because it most definitely is not justified. Reading and comprehension are unnecessary...
But who was MA-1?Ford ceo can only drive ford, uniqlo designer can only wear uniqlo, Jiro Ono can only eat sushi. What else?
Does anyone know where this jacket is still available?? http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/stylifemen/item/492033/?s-id=borderless_recommend_item_en
MA-1s are going out, so TOJ0 shouldn't be far off! There is hope
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