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She's fine bro
Worst experience.
Just found this video. Not sure if you guys have seen it? I wonder if he will ever appear again
Petition submitted. So, so far we have: milesshen FireGX reallypeacedoff segrantz tunneler arthurmouselo masshi SuperFamicom virid aza ghdvfddzgzdzg cutemelon shadykay sf Roscius Althanis Outlawcowboy Rommel
Which store did you go to? Melbourne?
Lol the picture where someone asked for their toj has been removed...
Paypal declined right off the bat. Closed the dispute because of the 180 day limitation. Rather than continue to email paypal, I called my bank, who were more than happy to file my dispute.
I just tried to provide all the details they wanted which included receipts, the item i expected to receive and by when and my attempts to communicate with the seller. Surprisingly, I didn't meet much resistance when trying to lodge the dispute but maybe that only occurs during the dispute (?)
Filed my chargeback with my bank and sent in all the details I could provide. Sigh, can't believe it has come to this. All Drew had to do was provide periodic updates in the form of spreadsheet updates but he couldn't even be bothered doing that.
What was your "classification" on the spreadsheet?
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