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He is too busy wearing his new full leather and taking OOTDs to update you.
Read through all 101 pages. I am ready Is the shine seen on the jacket caused simply by the environment the photos are taken in?
Give me some ideas for some shorts? Australian summer approaches and i need some warm weather clothing but since we're out of whack compared to everyone else, nothing much seems to be available
i can only assume this sample sale they had in canada cleared out all the chit i wanted to buy from the online store.
Repeating what drmmr saidShut the fuck up
No I haven't
Could be the wool ma-1.I ordered toj0 13/9 and no confirmation as yet
I have no clue why any of you guys expect or think LA guy will up and go to Korea to get you your jackets. To me, the concept is almost unfathomable. How can you make such a request? Also, i believe complaints about wait time, transparency and miscommunication are justified, some of the radical speculation and scathing remarks are intolerable. Charlie really is not liable for any of the mishaps occurring and some of you guys should get off his back. He replies quickly and...
Yeh, although it would be abit of a stretch for it to be included in this batch. Mine was a september 13th order.
I've been keeping up with the thread but how do you guys know its a TOJ0 batch?
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