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Just realised I saw you on Mister Mort
I wanked in the staff bathroom. Normally i'm extra horny at work because i see womenz in their gym clothes passing by. Normally if I was going out with someone during Valentines Day we won't do anything because I don't fall for that maudlin shit, although i think last year I booked a nice hotel room with my ex and all we did was pig out on food and hours worth of sitcoms for two nights, and other 'things'. Then again I think it was just a coincidence that the hotel stay...
the dita p3 frame is thicker than the Riley
can we just stop with the lookbook plz
Also definitely Mark Twain
I hope they continue the habedashery line next winter, love my navy chalk stripe all I need is the waistcoat. Would like to see some brown suits, db jackets, and a db camel polo coat too.
In general anything by Henry James, D.H. Lawrence, Joyce, Saul Bellow, Hemmingway, Fitzgerald, Faulkner. I would give personal recommendations but pretty much everything I've read from 1910-1970 I love.
Anyone know where I could find a polo camel coat in a size 36?
How long is your hair
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