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Anything is worth watching in a cinema if there's a blowjob involved. I don't know how many shit movies I've seen in a cinema just for that.
It did in Australia
I don't know how you can buy something without thinking what you could wear with it first...
I've never really understood the preference for a low button stance, it makes me feel like my upper body is too long and disproportionate to my legs.
Just watched Shame, the first R rated film I've ever seen in a cinema, and i don't understand why it got that rating. Overall I loved it, beautifully shot, and with what I considered to be genuinely authentic characters (something I think that needs to be pointed out because they could've so easily been stereotyped and caricatured). I also don't understand why people were so immediate to pigeonhole Fassbender and Mulligan as having some kind of incestuous relationship....
I agree with you that in certain situations it will look costumey, but I also think the mere fact of my age provides me with a lot more flexibility like fxh stated.Same reason why I guess I wear BBBF and Thom Browne (not the outrageous kind mind you) now, because I know in a decade or less it'll look silly.
I haven't read smh in paper form for a while now so I can't remember, but I don't need it seeing how i'll have a constant reminder in a couple of weeks once semester starts again.There seems to be an obvious bias in that section of MX, generally being Melbourne>Sydney>Brisbane. Apart from that I wouldn't know what to do without my lovely MX, thank the lord for them sweet souls that leave them behind on the train.I've accepted it as a part of life.On another note on awful...
I'm 20 and still at university. Opportunities to dress nicely are rare, and when they do occur well I just can't help myself. I don't do it to show off, it just gives me confidence. AND ALRIGHT REALLY FLASHY...but I don't think in a ridiculous way. It's a lot better than a polyester pinstripe suit, fluoro coloured shirt, and pointy white shoes ain't it?
I don't have a photo of my suit but i think this is a pretty good representation of how it looks I normally wear it with contrast club collar shirts, and the (currently) one Drakes raw silk tie I own, which I guess ups the ante on 'non-basic'. However I think i'm entitled to some concession since I am predominantly a streetwear guy and am naturally inclined to being a BIT flashy.
Men In This Town is fucking horrible because it is Sydney based, and the bun is a dime a dozen.
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