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Oh and if you haven't booked a hotel yet, Sheraton on the Park is excellent. AUD230 a night for really nice, large studio rooms. The marble bathroom is amazing. I stay there a lot with my girlfriend when we just want a break.
The Botanic Gardens is really nice and peaceful despite being in the city, much better than Hyde Park The symphony at the Opera House, under 27s can get c reserve tickets for AUD30 Once Chauvel reopens, the Cinematheque every Monday night Apart from that there isn't much except the boring and overbuzzed king st Newtown, Oxford st Darlinghurst/Paddington, Five Ways Paddington, Crown St Surry Hills, Darling st Balmain, Norton St Leichhardt for Restaurants.
I live in Sydney and will never come back unless my mother wanted me to visit. Oh and LA, Las Vegas, Houston, never again.
well i'm currently at university in Sydney Australia and as far as most people here think, at least those who think they have unquestionable authority on style prescribe to a rather gaudy hipster aesthetic. thrift shopping, skinny jeans, vans, olive military parkas, doc martens, etc. None of that appeals nor affects me at all. I typically stick to a lighter, ivy-style casual suiting type thing: linen blazers, chinos, cotton ties, Bass Weejuns, madras shirts (not too...
Dries Van Noten DBs As for the everyday, and bring on the hatred, J. Crew to wear to university
Hi all, i'm obviously new and i'm just wondering about the demographics for Aussie SFers. Like what kind of work you're in, if you're studying and which cities you live in, and what you think of the general culture of your respective cities? Sorry for detracting from the general conversation. As for me, I'm just a second year usyd student, and honestly i can not wait to leave Sydney, and Australia for that matter for good.
blue label to warm up these blue winter holidays
it was on sale at ln-cc for GBP275 but sold out. As far as i know, only tres bien and ln-cc had this blazer
I don't want to offend anyone, but i want to make a substantial j. crew order and that means a fair amount of money so i'm wondering how i'm meant to discern someone who is reliable and trustworthy? any recommendations? What's the procedure here, money first, items later? Oh and i'm looking for a US proxy to buy me some J. Crew things to be shipped to Sydney, Australia.
any german proxies to sydney aus?
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