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alright thanks. i'm a 36R, going down to a 34 will be too much for my shoulders so buying short sounds about right. I just hope the trousers have a decent amount of hug throughout my legs or else i'll look squarish
eh, Weeknd lyrics are sort of contrived
can anyone comment on the ludlow fit? the shoulders, waist, leg, sleeve length? I'm 19, 6 foot, typically slender for my age, and i don't have a broad chest. What i'm worried about is looking like i'm wearing my dad's suit.
argh i know man! the only place left i know where to get it is from harbin and i have many reservations about buying it from him
anyone here have a small indigo gingham shirt they want to sell? http://www.jcrew.com/mens_category/shirts/oxfordshirts/PRDOVR~43710/43710.jsp
Next is a Thom Browne Grey Seersucker Suit. - Red/White/Navy Silk Grosgrain Trim - Functional Buttonholes - Incredible Seersucker Jacket Measurements Shoulder: 17" Length: 27" Top of Collar to Hem Armsleeve: 24" Top of Shoulder to Hem Pants Measurements Outseam: 36.25" Hem: 14.5" Waist: 15" Extremely Rare, Price: $1050 -> $950 -> $900 -> $850 SHIPPED CONUS I don't understand? does that mean a 30 waist? if so can it be stretched out to 32? What size chest is the...
PM sent!
did you pay before or after getting the item?
Are you still scamming? because i really want that tybee shirt and please don't take advantage of desperate little kids
I don't like Drake's flow and he's too slow for me.
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