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does anyone know the name of this harris fabric?
Thanks everyone for the help!
Does anyone here have photos of the navy herringbone, blue herringbone, blue thornproof, or blue multi fleck donegal tweeds from bookster tweed?
I'm wondering what brands can people recommend? I'm only familiar with LVC is there anything else? Not interested in typical trucker jackets. Thanks for the help.
You only say that because he's South Asian.
In Australia, blue collar establishments such as RSL clubs filled with racist bogan vets have strict dress code rules including no hats or sunglasses indoors, no open toe footwear, and no singlets.
What kind of people shop at harrolds anyway? I remember browsing once and seeing this guy in his early 20s buying a suit with his parents and yelling at them to leave him alone and to let him buy whatever he wanted with what I'm guessing was his parents' money. I think that's the only person I've ever seen buying anything in there. Also the Sydney shop has been a lot less nerveracking ever since they employed a very nice Asian woman
Anything is worth watching in a cinema if there's a blowjob involved. I don't know how many shit movies I've seen in a cinema just for that.
It did in Australia
I don't know how you can buy something without thinking what you could wear with it first...
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