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You misunderstand, when i say 'remember today' I don't mean by the masses, but rather its significance in the film canon
I'm confused as to why a genre film has garnered such a long thread. If this was released in the 80s I don't think many people would remember it today.
There is nothing wrong with this at all. How do you want a 21 year old to look like in a suit?
I believe this is what Slavo had in mind
I didn't think you would arrive at the femnazi stereotype so quickly.
ohhhhh so masculinity is synonymous with domestic violence!!
Usually I find the people who care most and are most elitist are the ones who are unsuccessful in advancing their careers after graduating.
Whether a bow tie is too formal or not is not the issue here. Outside of eveningwear a bow tie is perhaps the dorkiest piece of menswear, I would rather wear a codpiece.Also OP, I would advise on getting a new hair style before spending any money on new clothes. It'll set you back what? $15, $20?
That's Australia where unifroms are compulsory in public and private schooling so the only way you could be the worst dressed in school was if you had your blazer collar popped up, top button undone, and an untucked shirt.Oh and also the dreaded white sock.
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