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Quite a few but none of them work careers that are really considered part of the 'rat race', as for myself I don't even have the qualifications to work a typical office job.This is exactly what i do not want. I do not want to rush out of school to simply rush into a career.
Hmm will defs look into this thanks for the advice
all that matters is big mussels and big cork
Yeah I pretty much thought that when I asked the question, but I was expecting to get outsider preconceived generalisations anyway. Obviously that isn't any foundation to make a valid argument but still it's something that does intrigue me
haha what is that normal?
^ this is the problem with ideologues, they can only argue with other ideologues As for the issue, what do Latino American citizens generally think of illegal Latino immigrants?
After reading most of this thread it seems more likely that Conne's other women are a fabrication and in reality he is just waiting around at home all day watching Martha Stewart and drawing watercolours of this woman.
white guy=DH=dude hunkblack guy=DF=dude funk
Not really a positive thing. Expectations that are that exceedingly low must have a threshold of what they can comprehend as dah best thang eva
anyone know where i could get something like this (doesn't have to be in same colour)
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