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USED WOOLRICH WOOLEN MILLS BROGUE BOOTS size UK9. 100% burgundy brown leather pebble scotch grain and 100% grey wool from Woolen Mills. These are damn sturdy shoes, leather in great condition except for one very small kitty scratch. Made in England (probably by Sanders) FW2011, designer Mark McNairy Price: $250 RRP: $550 USED MARK MCNAIRY for SOTOBERLIN brown long wing 100% brown calf waxed brown leather, Dainite soles size UK8.5 Made in England (probably by...
Uniqlo duffle coat- camel (brown 34/36?) One of the best Uniqlo pieces ever, sad to see it go. Uniqlo no longer selling these and no one else is as well. Tagged as a Korean Medium which is UK/US small 90% wool, 10% polyamide Condition: excellent, worn many times but looks and feels absolutely new Price: AUD$100 Uniqlo Vintage Flat Front chinos- khaki (brown 34) size 32 Everyone already knows how good Uniqlo chinos are, hard wearing cotton twill Condition: excellent,...
NEW THOM BROWNE LONG cable knit SCARF White with navy and red stripe and multi-colour fleck. Thick and luxurious 100% wool. Made in Ireland FW2011 I THINK Price: $150 Thom Browne grey polo shirt size: TB1 Condition: excellent, only worn a few times Price: AUD$150 free domestic shipping, good intl shipping rates Thom Browne polo shirt- blue size: TB1 One of the best fabrics I've seen on a polo shirt Condition: excellent, only worn a few times Price: AUD$150 free...
anyone know where i can still get the crazy mallory in a 46?
I'm sure the hipsters will alleviate the crisis. Do any of you have any reservations on buying thrifted clothing that people have died in, regardless of the intention to wash/dry clean?
I'll assume that what you're getting at is my naivety and conceitedness which i fully admit to, but my reductive answers are really only a reflection of the general positions of men's rights movements that i'm most personally familiar with. I've always considered some of the posters (including you) to have really thorough political opinions so all i wanted from this thread was to be schooled to a wider range of opinions on this. Being at university obviously situates me in...
Enjoy your trip! I'm sure Milan must look beautiful in the rain.
so disappointed i missed this at Vivid
Light-Medium Grey PoW
Damn that is rude, also said person must be deluded if they think they'll have enough dough to drive something fancy in academia. What positions do you normally interview for?
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