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If Muslim families ate a more traditional meat (lamb shank?), they'd be criticised for not integrating with society. They're probably planning a terrist attack in their homeland ethno-babble. If a muslim family eats a halal turkey, they're secretly subverting the holiday. What about those Jews? They're stealing money with their kosher tax! They've subverted our holidays for years! /sarcasm As for slaughtering practices, it's a reality of the trade. No industrial...
According to a Japanese friend of mine, she and her mother tend to only make it on special occasions. So, while yes, it is considered an art, housewives prepare it as well. Of course, a housewife's preparation will generally look like the basic or "traditional" section of your local place's take-out menu: cucumber, tuna, salmon, and yellowtail mak are the 4 pillars.Items featuring 4 kinds of fish, chef's special sauce, mayo, tempura crunch and a fried outer layer are...
My satire sense tingled. Sure enough, the reviews confirmed it. Somewhere, an English teacher is bemused.
Problem the 1st: I am in St Andrews, Scotland. The rugby store is in Covent Garden, London.Problem the 2nd: No online shopping for the uk.Problem the 3rd: Ralph Lauren's pricing structure in the UK is different than in the US. In the US, it's basically affordable. In the UK, it's a luxury brand. For example, a flannel sport shirt that I could get in Lord and Taylor for $75-100 cost my friend £140, or $215. I That said, if I'm in London for another reason, I'll swing...
Atheist Diplomatic experience Pro-intellectual Harbors a hidden disdain for the beer-frozen snacks-tv crowd (all 250 mil. of them) Electability?: You'd have a better chance of finding the Teddy Roosevelt-Kaiser Wilhelm sex footage with accompanying Edison cylinder audio recording.
Finally got my order. It arrived at my home in NY, and I then waited for my father to forward it to me at my UK address. The sweater is nice and surprisingly warm for its weight. The slim miner jeans are the godsend I've been waiting for. All in all, I'm very happy.
Quite a logical jump you've made AND you're putting words in my mouth. And such inflammatory words.I will neither play the game I see emerging nor will I get involved in a high-in-emotion and low-in-logic debate.
If they did presales, this small fellowship here would clean out the shop. And I'm OK with that.
I suppose I should have clarified.Devil's advocate: Not glassing over everything from Baluchistan to the Azaerbaijani border. Or, if you prefer catchy slogans, "Give Diplomacy A Chance."I'm extremely hesitant about giving any state in any conflict a carte blanche to pre-emptively attack.
I've dedicated much of my academic career to being a "devil's advocate" for Iran. There has been evidence to show that Iran was a small proliferation threat....far less than our most treacherous ally Pakistan was back in the day (still is?). Current nuclear theory and Iranian diplomatic preponderances against foreign military action don't augur the doomsday scenario the media envisions.That said, IAEA reports have been some of the strongest moral defences Iran has held,...
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