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After Christmas sales... I saw Burberry trenches on the 9th floor of Saks in NYC for $350. Of course, those will be the bottom ranges of Burberry....usually the Burberry Brit line made of poly-cotton. Your best bet is to find a Burberry outlet. Look up the locations here: and here: And of course check ebay. Some trusted sellers...
It's contingent on how fat you become. If you pork up enough, obviously old suits don't wouldn't the rest of your wardrobe. At that point, there's Sears or Brooks Brothers luxury fit
I wonder if "last call" sales are a modus operandi. Having seen how deep the discounts go, I'll be a hard sell in the future for full retail. Personally, I can't wait for the after-Christmas bonanza. P.S. Don't tell corporate.
Rugby is running a "last call" sale for all summer stuff. Prices are previous sale prices less another 25%, although some are more, such as a t-shirt I had my eye on which went from $29.99 to $19.99. The size selection is surprisingly extensive for a clearance sale. I'm a medium in more or less everything, and I found everything I wanted in the color and size I wanted. If money were no object, of course, I would have bought more. I ended up with 2 sport shirts & a...
Paypal, for all they are faulted for, are buyer friendly. They're getting the polite, corp-speak version of "you're boned/fucked." Behind the computer, some guys are having a laugh.
$50 for a leg tapering? I had my cleaner/seamstress (she actually is awesome...she has saved wedding dresses that NYC bridal shops fucked up) take in a Burberry trench for that. Tapering the leg should be a fairly simple operation ranging from $10 at a Chinese laundry to maybe $25 if you insist on an old white guy tailor.
Oh my two favorite professors, one was a very seasoned teacher (a British professor...a coveted title in the UK). He wore jeans or corduroy trousers and a sportshirt/pullover sweater. The other, a tall, well-kept German in his early 30's wore very finely cut suits, although he never wore a tie and during his office hours, he'd have his cufflinks and watch off. He was "cool" without being a slob.
I wouldn't go crazy with the tweed. Remember, you want to get tenure, so looking like a transplant from Oxbridge or Yale might be problematic. Take a cue from your department and stick with denim. Add a sport coat. You can put some flash here (I can't recommend cashmere enough). Of course, you have a salary, so anything you wear should be of a cut/cloth/fit which surpasses your students.
You're right that it does not look "NYC artistic". I mean, this wanted to be some sort of Americana-hipster. I mean, this line looks like Rugby and RRL have a committed gay relationship and adopted an orphan from State Island.Polo Jeans actually was re-launched in Europe and the Middle East in 09. Following it's success, Denim & Supply is a "re-launch" of sorts in the US, while Polo Jeans has been rebranded as Denim & Supply.This line, IMO was not needed. ...
Bullion. Gold for favorite family and closest friend. Silver for the rest.
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