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The plot is essentially the lives and trials of British Edwardian mid-level aristocrats. I found that moderately interesting. World events form a vague "guideline" for the plot, as obviously one's actions are linked to the time in which one lives. It's not a high octane plot, but that's not the point.
This is essentially a nutshell of our diplomatic nightmare in the Middle East and Central Asia. Israel is really the lesser of the two evils, but we're getting screwed by both in the end. Of course, I blame this on what Brzezinski terms our policy of planning for today and reacting to yesterday.
Pretty much. And I for one will not condemn France for this.Notions of liberty are not universal. America is quite libertarian in that you can do as you please within the law. The US does not believe it has a long, established culture to protect (although I disagree with this sentiment) and thus is not bothered by strict adherence to a "foreign" culture. Europe differs in this. The most notable cases are of course France and Switzerland. I myself approve of their...
Americans, collectively speaking, have taste?! The press will want to hear of this amazing development...
Good lord, I can't believe that our "choices" are effectively "Obama-lite" (in policy and melanin) and a religious fanatic.
I find this a rather disturbing trend, actually.
True. When I hear someone declare that Ron Paul is unelectable, is that because they possess a nuanced understanding of the American electorate or because they were "trained" by the news.As I see it,~Romney comes off as an overly polished boarding school boy as well as GROSSLY out of touch with the broader population.~New's been dredged up from the 1990's. Further, he converted from Lutheran, to Southern Baptist, to the most reviled Catholicism. There's no way the...
13 is rather young. At 13, the hormones are flowing, but the mind has not quite adjusted, if you will (generally speaking; there are always precocious fellows). Physically and mentally, I think a 13 year old is at an awkward stage that is closer to a kid than an adult. 15/16 is an entirely different ballgame. By that age, they physically look much more like men and the sexuality is more fully developed. Verdict? Having sex with a 13 year old is weird. 16 is more...
It really needs a snowman with a sign saying "We are the 99% moist(ure)!"
Amen to that.
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