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There's some significant markdowns going on now. Also, the code INSIDERSONLY will yield an additional 20% off the entire order. Thinking of a sweater, maybe some jeans. How slim are the regular fits (straight leg) and how slim are the slim fits?
Do fuck off.
A decent cashmere sweater under $100 NWT from a retail store is virtually non-existent.
I really liked that trench. I also loved the price on it, $250 for a 100% cotton 0% artificial fiber trench. I would have bought it had I not bought a Burberry 8 weeks before.
3400 Krona is quite cheap (under $500) compared with the better known Burberry trench coats.
I've heard of this phenomenon of an unauthorized "second run" by a manufacturer. On my future trip to China, I want to buy such a backdoor Burberry polo. I've had this in mind for some months...
I want those BADLY myself, but I am waiting for them to go on sale. Don't buy them all! Non sequitur: I was surprised to see Rugby RL stuff in Century 21 yesterday.
I bought a pair of rugby pants off of ebay for a good price ($27 shipped). Fit wasn't commented on in the listing and they were VERY relaxed. It was almost a carpenter jean fit on a yellow chino. Straight off to the Korean lady they went for a tapering and hem adjustment, hehe.
Free booze, food, and women.Better than a sausage fest at Brooks Brothers.
Burberry's sizing can be problematic. Their suits and fashion-forward trenches (the shorter ones) run quite small. The classic trenches and dress shirts run true to size.
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