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The travel industry into/out of Ireland can't support anything beyond a bottom-of-the-barrel "economy" experience. Business class into/ex Ireland is a mockery of what is offered on other routes. For example, fly Delta (mediocre) into London in business. Then fly to Dublin. It's worlds apart. Aer Lingus is an airborne disappointment and other carriers send their oldest planes. Business travellers are few and far between. Most premium cabin pax are "affluent" leisure...
That is a painfully lower-middle class outlook.
Congratulations, selling your older pieces will reduce Saturdays to penury and petty thievery. If the cops bust him for cooking meth, I will blame you. Also, the USN leather jacket is actually worth torching an orphanage for.Saturdays: While this invigorating newcomer (we could use some new blood on this thread) could be a rugby posterboy, he doesn't have that vacant countenance unique to the privileged, blonde, and vapid.
To each their own. Does anyone own any rugby outerwear? I am seriously loving the Chesterfield overcoat, and I'm wondering about quality/fit. http://www.rugby.com/shop/item.aspx?productId=13144504&categoryId=3138718&cp=3138868
Eh, the symbols and such are WAY too loud for me. It's avant-garde prep value was destroyed by smearing all of the superfluous rugby stuff.Then again, I have a negative bias towards faux-team apparel, as it is awkward explaining that it's a fashion item...I never actually played.
That's alarming.I won't rest until we cross the 75% mark!
I loved this article. It drove at core interests of mine: 1) How/why does a given person become rich? 2) Class in America.
As far as diffusion lines go, D&G was fairly expensive, if I recall correctly. AX is priced for the masses, and Polo isn't a diffusion line. Now Lauren Ralph Lauren? I can only hope it gets discontinued. I agree with you though on Burberry Brit. 90% of it isn't worthwhile and looks painfully like cheap imitations of the London offerings IMO. (But, the cologne is nice, however).
Alden shell cordovan and Edward Green, on this forum.
Yeah, I don't "get" J.Crew. Construction is terrible, styling is generally boring (ie preppy watered down to the lowest common denominator mall shopper), and the price points are laughable all things considered. And yet they have legions of cultists. Ralph Lauren takes shit on this forum for being a "mall brand", yet we have the J Crew catalog circle-jerk threads./rant over
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