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I want this bag. Badly. If they do 50% off the current price of $180, that would be sexy. Otherwise, I am extremely tempted to take 30% off that and get it now.
I would wonder...To know about Rugby at all, you probably pay more attention than most to fashion, as it's not well marketed. I would say a fair number of repeat customers know that the end is nigh....Therefore, I wonder if people are just trying to buy as much as they need while its still available (that was in the back of my mind when ordering)orCould Rugby be ordering less inventory due to the impending shuttering on Feb 2.
What the hell is that supposed to mean?Indeed. At my prior university, charity balls (tickets priced at £75 upward with VIP tickets including unlimited champagne, limousine and/or helicopter transfers...for college kids) were organised by students from the upper echelons of society, coming from top Northeastern boarding schools, Eton, and the world's various $30k+ international schools. Most were unabashedly conservative (financially) who wouldn't buy a pair of boots for...
I'd add to that that the US "left" (globally, our left is among the most tepid, reserved, and conservative) also contains a number of vaguely tolerant, "relaxed" middle class coastal suburbanites. Also, the "right" has a significant contingent who haven't read anything more complex than a beer bottle (I'd also toss in "generally older"). The left manages to project an image of sophisticated glitterati (think charity functions, celebrity backing) and sweep their rubbish...
They seem to have marked down a great deal of stuff, on top of an additional 30% off with the code 4FAMILY. I picked up the hunting corduroys for $55.99 (they were $110 two days ago) and the classic chinos in orange for $48.65. Might as well get some of the interesting stuff before they're gone.
I really don't think there's much crossover between Rugby clientele and D&S.
What was the foundation of the state of Israel but the grandest "do-over" in world history, disregarding millennia of development in demographics and politics? Having a document written by dead Europeans doesn't grant Israel any special privilege to exist vis-a-vis a hypothetical Palestinian state.When I reach the afterlife, I'll be rich as a king due to Satan paying my "devil's advocate" fees.
1) White people love an underdog. Israel is judged harshly for using its significantly greater power to besiege Gaza rather than engage in meaningful conflict resolution. Further, the irony of Gaza as a Palestinian ghetto enforced by a Jewish state isn't lost on many "liberals" who paid attention in history class.2) "Terrorism" is a constructed concept, not an absolute truth. "One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter."The goal of war in the modern age isn't...
''The Anglosphere extends beyond the US and the UK. Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia also are in there. 3 of those 4 are quite well. Further, I find it rather rich than any American can chastise Europeans over unsustainable government debt.
Let me convey my admiration for those who can stomach a 70+ hour work week for an extended period of time. In all honesty, by 2 years I'd be depressed, and a period longer than that would risk my suicide. The exception would be business owners. Something "clicks" psychologically that allows a person to work for themselves far longer than a rarely-seen exec.My own "philosophy"? (This may seem comparably flakey)Reading many posts here and understanding them as a reflection...
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