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I tend not to attract any notice until I am holding over $200 in merchandise. The flatiron store had a much, much friendlier staff (then again, I am of a similar age as the flatiron staff, vs the Madison Avenue staff, who are older than my father).
You're right, I did miss Thanksgiving as I was travelling at the time (I've missed most major American events of the last 4 years, actually). However, I was genuinely surprised by how much stuff was disappearing at the F&F sale.
The frenzy that occurred the recent friends and family 30% off sale proved that a major sale wasn't needed. I doubt we'll see further sales until Christmas day at the earliest.
First: I am attempting to explain the existence of an attitude among my generation, not act as an apologist for apathy. (I feel that this is a necessary remark to make)It goes without saying that staying with a company for 30 years is effectively a dead paradigm. Why produce exceptional work when adequate to good enough will do, and one can jump ship for another firm looking for someone with 3-5 years experience? On the other hand, there are a number of people (that I...
On the other hand, that quality output can designate someone as "too valuable" to promote out of a position. Combine that with boomers hanging onto senior positions with a death grip, stagnating pay, an employer's market for hiring, and patronage hiring/promotions, and you've got a recipe for apathy.
The top X% of millennials are a very well educated, enterprising, and promising bunch. The problem is the greater mass of lazy, vapid consumers who entertain delusions of usefulness and cultivation.What I will say is that millenials maintain a skepticism regarding modern work culture. Many of us have seen relatives put in 60+ hours per week in white collar industries at the expense of any semblance of a work-life balance, then have their careers ruined by a recession...
All male forums are seldom beacons of courtesy.
So I got my hunting corduroy pants and my vintage chinos, both 36 waist. The corduroy fits just right....as in, I cannot gain any more weight (I used to order 33...). I love them. The vintage chinos though...HOLY CRAP. I knew they were tapered/tailored, but the legs were tighter than an undersized condom and the waist was 2.5-3" too small. I would almost swear that the item was mis-tagged. I am returning the chinos. And re-adjusting my diet to little/no carb with...
I expect(ed) the opposite of what you did. It struck me as basically a leather-accented canvas messenger bag (ie, something soft).
For health reasons, I won't knock on quality gyms/exercise facilities, but I do find it ridiculous when college age relatives (or rather, their parents) look for the "best" school with the smallest class sizes, nicest dorms, finest landscaping, a food court with restaurant-quality sushi, enormous sporting facilities etc than balk when $65k is required for tuition/housing/keeping up with the Jones'.
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