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I would wonder...To know about Rugby at all, you probably pay more attention than most to fashion, as it's not well marketed. I would say a fair number of repeat customers know that the end is nigh....Therefore, I wonder if people are just trying to buy as much as they need while its still available (that was in the back of my mind when ordering)orCould Rugby be ordering less inventory due to the impending shuttering on Feb 2.
They seem to have marked down a great deal of stuff, on top of an additional 30% off with the code 4FAMILY. I picked up the hunting corduroys for $55.99 (they were $110 two days ago) and the classic chinos in orange for $48.65. Might as well get some of the interesting stuff before they're gone.
I really don't think there's much crossover between Rugby clientele and D&S.
''The Anglosphere extends beyond the US and the UK. Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia also are in there. 3 of those 4 are quite well. Further, I find it rather rich than any American can chastise Europeans over unsustainable government debt.
Let me convey my admiration for those who can stomach a 70+ hour work week for an extended period of time. In all honesty, by 2 years I'd be depressed, and a period longer than that would risk my suicide. The exception would be business owners. Something "clicks" psychologically that allows a person to work for themselves far longer than a rarely-seen exec.My own "philosophy"? (This may seem comparably flakey)Reading many posts here and understanding them as a reflection...
Congratulations, selling your older pieces will reduce Saturdays to penury and petty thievery. If the cops bust him for cooking meth, I will blame you. Also, the USN leather jacket is actually worth torching an orphanage for.Saturdays: While this invigorating newcomer (we could use some new blood on this thread) could be a rugby posterboy, he doesn't have that vacant countenance unique to the privileged, blonde, and vapid.
To each their own. Does anyone own any rugby outerwear? I am seriously loving the Chesterfield overcoat, and I'm wondering about quality/fit.
Eh, the symbols and such are WAY too loud for me. It's avant-garde prep value was destroyed by smearing all of the superfluous rugby stuff.Then again, I have a negative bias towards faux-team apparel, as it is awkward explaining that it's a fashion item...I never actually played.
As far as diffusion lines go, D&G was fairly expensive, if I recall correctly. AX is priced for the masses, and Polo isn't a diffusion line. Now Lauren Ralph Lauren? I can only hope it gets discontinued. I agree with you though on Burberry Brit. 90% of it isn't worthwhile and looks painfully like cheap imitations of the London offerings IMO. (But, the cologne is nice, however).
Yeah, I don't "get" J.Crew. Construction is terrible, styling is generally boring (ie preppy watered down to the lowest common denominator mall shopper), and the price points are laughable all things considered. And yet they have legions of cultists. Ralph Lauren takes shit on this forum for being a "mall brand", yet we have the J Crew catalog circle-jerk threads./rant over
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