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Rugby.com didn't stock the shirt I ordered at the time. (sun washed oxford, pink with subtle yellow stripes) The shirt came and I am very pleased with the ft and quality. I ordered a medium (normally what I wear). The fabric is great. It's thick, yet is soft and breathes. The fit is quite tailored, but not excessively so. I also received a 20% coupon.
I orderer a button-down from the recent Rue La La flash sale for $50. I'll report back. The website is worth a laugh occasionally, as the models are at times an overblown caricature of the preppy look.
In abbreviated nutshell: Class/background: A bias (justified or not) against the stereotypical upper-middle/upper boating & regatta class. Regional: A bias against New England + NY/NJ. (Yes, Southern Prep exists, but New England drives the trend) Frat boys: They've co-opted the style and moderately bastardized it (flip flops, popped collars, etc). As a group, notoriously awful behavior doesn't help. That said, Khakis, boat shoes, polos, and oxford button downs were a...
It looks beat up, and with the flaring at the cuffs, it has a fashion expiration date before the milk in our refrigerators.
I'll throw in with Vienna as well. Its European, conservative, four distinct seasons, and opera/theatre/ball culture together constitute a great recipe for a well-dressed populace.
It depends on the leather. Better/more resilient leathers will hold up to the steam commensurate with their quality, obviously. Also, one can buy waterproofing spray/polish for a shoe. Why not rub it on the shower bag? Most of us care for our shoes, why not our other leather goods?
Judging the people I encounter, logic is not the sole domain of any age. Substitute "The American Public" for "college kids."
I love these debates eg high vs low rise. (People are apt to forget that) Fashion is arbitrary and apt to change, hence why we're not wearing silk stockings, doublets, or ermine cloaks. (Although the loss of the cloak was a sartorial tragedy on par with the the Fall of Rome.) Personally, I favor a lower rise. 9.5" is somewhat ridiculous, but another 1.5" isn't bad. A rise nearing my navel borders on the absurd for me. It's simply not how my generation's clothes are...
If it's an older tag, it's probably a similar situation to the "Burberrys" (pre 2001 name/label) I see on ebay: sellers milking every last penny they can for outdated, used stuff.
I was going to ask the same question. I scored some (by typical identifying traits and comparison with the genuine) authentic Burberry glasses for $85. As they're made in Italy by Lux under licence like so many others, I have to ask, what is wrong, if anything, with them?
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