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I wonder if "last call" sales are a modus operandi. Having seen how deep the discounts go, I'll be a hard sell in the future for full retail. Personally, I can't wait for the after-Christmas bonanza. P.S. Don't tell corporate.
Rugby is running a "last call" sale for all summer stuff. Prices are previous sale prices less another 25%, although some are more, such as a t-shirt I had my eye on which went from $29.99 to $19.99. The size selection is surprisingly extensive for a clearance sale. I'm a medium in more or less everything, and I found everything I wanted in the color and size I wanted. If money were no object, of course, I would have bought more. I ended up with 2 sport shirts & a...
Paypal, for all they are faulted for, are buyer friendly. They're getting the polite, corp-speak version of "you're boned/fucked." Behind the computer, some guys are having a laugh.
$50 for a leg tapering? I had my cleaner/seamstress (she actually is awesome...she has saved wedding dresses that NYC bridal shops fucked up) take in a Burberry trench for that. Tapering the leg should be a fairly simple operation ranging from $10 at a Chinese laundry to maybe $25 if you insist on an old white guy tailor.
Oh my two favorite professors, one was a very seasoned teacher (a British professor...a coveted title in the UK). He wore jeans or corduroy trousers and a sportshirt/pullover sweater. The other, a tall, well-kept German in his early 30's wore very finely cut suits, although he never wore a tie and during his office hours, he'd have his cufflinks and watch off. He was "cool" without being a slob.
I wouldn't go crazy with the tweed. Remember, you want to get tenure, so looking like a transplant from Oxbridge or Yale might be problematic. Take a cue from your department and stick with denim. Add a sport coat. You can put some flash here (I can't recommend cashmere enough). Of course, you have a salary, so anything you wear should be of a cut/cloth/fit which surpasses your students.
You're right that it does not look "NYC artistic". I mean, this wanted to be some sort of Americana-hipster. I mean, this line looks like Rugby and RRL have a committed gay relationship and adopted an orphan from State Island.Polo Jeans actually was re-launched in Europe and the Middle East in 09. Following it's success, Denim & Supply is a "re-launch" of sorts in the US, while Polo Jeans has been rebranded as Denim & Supply.This line, IMO was not needed. ...
Bullion. Gold for favorite family and closest friend. Silver for the rest.
The difficulty with the trenches is that there are several quality/price points. In the local Bloomingdales, they carried the Burberry London $800 trench that was cotton with a polyester lining. Ultimately on eBay, I found the cotton shell/wool lining "Made in the USA" $1795 MSRP Burberry London for $700 NWT. (And yes, it did check out as authentic on all counts). Of course, I did make a successful best offer for $500 for it. That was about 1 month ago. The seller...
Some adhere to it and some don't. How do you think Brooks Brothers gets away with much of their pricing? Prep can be done authentically for a moderate investment. It can also cost a small fortune.
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