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I'll attest to this. I'm in Europe 9 months of the year. In the UK, Abercrombie and Ralph Lauren are HOT HOT HOT items amongst the working class and middle/upper-middle classes, respectively. However, G-Star jeans are a very good pair of jeans over there, as opposed to a speciality luxury denim here. Discounting is much rarer, with the exception of Germany. My friend's mother found it a great coup when she found some Tommy Hilfiger socks at TK Maxx. As an American,...
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire I think the proof is in the shoe. I do not own a single pair of $500 shoes. A marketing book I read actually gives you some credence. The author argues that our class is indicated, an an abridged form, by what we consume.
I'll put in that I'm disappointed with their sale selection. I'm now hoping for the anniversary sale.
Minas shoe repair, 67 Wall Street. He has worked miracles on my Barkers and I have 3 pairs of Cole Haans being worked over (to put a protective layer on the sole). His price range from rather cheap to costlier depending on how much damage he's undoing. http://www.yelp.com/biz/minas-shoe-repair-new-york
I had found a listing on Amazon for an RRL pair of jeans: http://www.amazon.com/Ralph-Lauren-D...8260477&sr=1-4 The trouble is, it doesn't specify anything about the rise/fit and leg opening. Can anyone offer some specs?
It will be a kind, token amount of money and something tasteful such as a pen (I actually use fountain pens). The (small) trust fund that paid for college, the family's jewellery from imperial-era Germany, a future inheritance, and (most importantly) saintly grandparents are the real gifts.
Quote: Originally Posted by dinogj Small warning about the polo stuff in TJ Maxx and Marshalls, some of their products are not manufactured by polo, but are outsourced for mass manufacture. by some of their products I really mean the mesh and Interlock shirt The PRL Mesh polo shirt from the discount retailers have a cheap feel and construction, with hanging stitching, puckered seams, and fabric thats not up to grade. Hold up a real Mesh shirt from a PRL...
Except for one pair of boots, I have always been disappointed with my Florsheim shoes. Their leather does not breathe and is far stiffer and plastic-like than a better shoe's leather. I'd have to recommend Sebago.
Quote: Originally Posted by Stillblade ugh, you're one of those...... i had a patagonia pack until it got stolen. now i use one from REI. both awesome. super durable and comfortable too. In all fairness, not all of us who use briefcases on campus are wannabe Gordon Gecko, Jim Cramer-watching, ill-fitting suit wearing wannabe cretins. A briefcase is a practical implement for carrying a small quantity of books. For those who don't want a...
The outlet store is a fascinating beast. {We have a thread for thrift and discount finds but not the stores.} They draw a most interesting crowd of customers. Such persons I have encountered are parents on a shoe-string budget, those at the beginning of a career, label hunters looking for an unbelievable gem, college students, hipsters, and price conscious middle and upper-middle class shoppers. It's an interesting mix. You have a mom who is juggling 3 kids in this...
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