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That was actually my thought reading that list. The committee is virtually WASP-free (save Albright & Williams).But as you know, it's very, very bad to point out when minorities occupy a disproportionate quantity of a particular profession.I was a treasurer on one student committee (our dorm) which made me part of a larger committee of all the chairmen and treasurers from the 11 different halls/dorms. I've never seen such intellectua laziness and conformity in my life,...
This is another chapter in a 65 year old complaint. Paris never had the influence on the post-WWII liberal (internationalist) "New World Order." (NWO being meant in a very literal sense and not in the conspiratorial-free masons-all seeing eye-dollar bill sense)
3400 Krona is quite cheap (under $500) compared with the better known Burberry trench coats.
I've heard of this phenomenon of an unauthorized "second run" by a manufacturer. On my future trip to China, I want to buy such a backdoor Burberry polo. I've had this in mind for some months...
I want those BADLY myself, but I am waiting for them to go on sale. Don't buy them all! Non sequitur: I was surprised to see Rugby RL stuff in Century 21 yesterday.
I bought a pair of rugby pants off of ebay for a good price ($27 shipped). Fit wasn't commented on in the listing and they were VERY relaxed. It was almost a carpenter jean fit on a yellow chino. Straight off to the Korean lady they went for a tapering and hem adjustment, hehe.
Free booze, food, and women.Better than a sausage fest at Brooks Brothers.
Burberry's sizing can be problematic. Their suits and fashion-forward trenches (the shorter ones) run quite small. The classic trenches and dress shirts run true to size.
When you have more shopping stamina than any two women and your gay uncle/cousin/brother/son combined.
8-10% is a significant risk. One asinine publication I read suggested that for someone under 35, they could pile 85% of their retirement savings into stocks and expect 8.61% returns. However, I was looking at Fidelity's corporate bond inventory (my broker) and found solid corporations like Goldman Sachs and GE with bonds at 4.5-6.5%. If one holds the bonds to maturity and collects the principle at the end, they are a fine and relatively safe place for a young person to...
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