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13" is a possible circumference measurement for an adult man? I shudder to imagine what dimensions Rugby's skinny fits were designed for.
There's some significant markdowns going on now. Also, the code INSIDERSONLY will yield an additional 20% off the entire order. Thinking of a sweater, maybe some jeans. How slim are the regular fits (straight leg) and how slim are the slim fits?
Ultimately, you're right. Iraq has been a disaster since its borders were artificially carved from the Ottoman carcass after WWI. Afghanistan is more or less a failure that is better contained through Pakistan.Little not-so-secret diplomatic secret: Pakistan holds the keys to Afghanistan. Pakistan actively harbors the Taliban/Taliban sympathizers. "Total military victory" would include an invasion of Pakistan. Not happening (see nuclear weapons; Kenneth Waltz).Iraq and...
Do fuck off.
The real "lulz" come from watching people, young and old, fall for the same dog-and-pony show every four years.
I saw that report as well. There is historical precedence for middle class revolutions, but they tend to be problematic.First, one needs a definition of "middle class." The American people collectively have the vaguest and most fluid definition and awareness I have ever encountered in my (short) life. Americans with a $25,000 and a $250,000 household income often both consider themselves middle class.My definition comes from what I have encountered in Sociology and...
A decent cashmere sweater under $100 NWT from a retail store is virtually non-existent.
I really liked that trench. I also loved the price on it, $250 for a 100% cotton 0% artificial fiber trench. I would have bought it had I not bought a Burberry 8 weeks before.
That looks like a gathering of Deerfield/Choate/Exeter/etc alumni stricken with vampirism.
Our security and economic conditions bear long legacies that the narrow minded and ignorant cast away. Oh well. As I see it, current US economic problems begin with deregulation, the Glass-Steagal act's repeal, and our switch from a net creditor to a net debtor (Reagan). This is an oversimplification, but there it is. Our security and foreign policy have far too many influences to put down here coherently. In short, the US infuriated bin Laden during Gulf War...
New Posts  All Forums: