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If it's an older tag, it's probably a similar situation to the "Burberrys" (pre 2001 name/label) I see on ebay: sellers milking every last penny they can for outdated, used stuff.
I was going to ask the same question. I scored some (by typical identifying traits and comparison with the genuine) authentic Burberry glasses for $85. As they're made in Italy by Lux under licence like so many others, I have to ask, what is wrong, if anything, with them?
I beg of the shoe gods your advice: Which one? It will be worn with jeans or khakis, and a burberry trench (classic khaki) or navy/camel cashmere overcoats. First, from ebay. A korean seller (good feedback) sells it as "handmade." Looks cool. auction link: Second is To Boot New York. Not considering cost, what do you guys think would go better with the above wardrobe?
There are two sides to a coin. That's a valid side of it. On the other side, a former Chief Economist of the World Bank and Secretary to the Treasury from a family of nobel laureates should not feel threatened by a pair of 20 year olds in suits. Edit: Unless of course I am misinterpreting "feeling threatened" for contempt towards perceived pomposity.
Where have you been for the last 40 years? Pajamas, jeans, and old t-shirts are the uniform from Harvard right on down to Cum Dumpster U. That said, I do agree with you on dress/decorum when meeting a university president on "official" business.
It's excessive. I've only done it when an appropriate function AND time constraints behove me. Of course, when I do a suit (either the Burberry London or the Prorsum), it's french cuffs, tie tack, English shoes. If you wear a suit everyday, you're doing a half-assed job....cheap suits, skipping on the cleaning, bad shoes etc. Fortunately at my college, the upper class kids would see right through it and the ordinary'ish kids would write him off as a douchebag. That...
I'm a NY'er who goes to college in the UK. And I have sold on ebay internationally. I only use the post office. I've sent a crystal decanter from Scotland to NY through Royal Mail just fine. My family has sent packages and letters without issue. My only problem was a single lost letter going UK-->Florida. Another complaint was the 10 days it took for a cashmere coat bought on ebay to come to my home in NY from the seller in Vancouver.
I got a Burberry London trench off of ebay NWT for $500. (Made in the US, 100% cotton shell, 100% wool lining) I need some help though ID'ing the year/season and some advice regarding alterations. After looking at the stitching and buttons under a jeweller's loupe, I am reasonably convinced as to authenticity (serifs on the letters, rat-tails on the R's) . [[SPOILER]] The tag is a bit "odd" due to some smudging or something.And for the fitting... The sleeves are too...
Quote: Originally Posted by akatsuki I'll go against the grain and say you are too old for sneakers. We live in a culture of permanent adolescence where "adults" spend their days playing video games and wearing the same crap as they did when they are 18. I'm with this guy. And I agree, partially, with the sentiments regarding loafers. The vast majority of them look like garbage or scream "meant for old age home." Precious few look good at...
I was looking at the PRL/BL stuff at Bloomingdales myself some days prior, and they did offer some great prices. Objectively, I like the fit and overall length of the jacket. The sleeves fit very well at their current length, so the 1/8 to 1/4" is optional (in my opinion). Subjectively, I love the color and pattern. It's timeless, really. Some BL sport coats are on sale for $800+. At $500, you got a good deal. Waiting for further discounting at that point would...
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