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I am rather surprised to hear this. I thought the treasure-trove I saw in RL's Tung Chung outlet store in HK was the last hurrah.I'll pop into NYC tomorrow and check out the Marshall's/TJ stores. When Rugby operated, Century 21 (mecca for upper-middle class bottom-feeding label whores in the NYC metro area) always carried Rugby a small assortment of rugby stuff. When I was in the Lincoln Center C21 this past Monday, I didn't see any. That inventory is reaching TJX...
Nope. It was this one: Today I am bound for Singapore. If I have a few free hours, I may hop over to Johor (45 minutes from central SIngapore, just over the Malaysian border) where there is one of the other RL outlet shops serving Asia.
Sorry, but I am leaving HK tomorrow morning. Also, there were no patches. Prices were roughly $35 US for a shirt or $45 for the trousers. Blazers worked out to $100-120. Buying 5+ items conferred a 30% discount. The prices I have stated reflected that discount. Compared with some of rugby fire sales, these items weren't being given away, but they are still extremely cheap compared with what RL commands on the international market. I am just surprised that the...
Sorry to resurrect this thread, but I am in Hong Kong now and have found veritable treasure trove of rugby stuff. I was in the official RL factory outlet in Tung Chung near the airport. This is one of the few RL outlets in Asia, and I found it absolutely loaded with Rugby stuff: polos, belts, shirts, chinos, the odd purse, some blazers with the crossed tennis racquets, t-shirts, etc. I was shocked to see such a huge stock still extant. And anything being purchased was...
Still though, I can't help but feel as if turning a Rugby store into a D&S is desecrating the corpse.
Yeah, I will add in my dislike for the excessive branding. I will toss in that I have never seen a white person with big pony before until yesterday.
If it hasn't been said already, circumcision is unnecessary.
Depends on your perspective. Rugby is a younger version of RL. Aubin is an older version of JW.In any case, JW takes lots of shit in the UK for being overpriced, not genuine (very similar to criticism against vineyard vines), poor quality, "middle class," etc etc. Truth is, they will be my "replacement" for rugby as I look for another purveyor of fitted, colourful, vaguely preppy stuff that isn't as stodgy as BB or J Press.
True, but if retail stores will be open until Fed 2, why not see if they can't clear what's on the racks at retail'ish prices for awhile (until, say, MLK day?) before just dumping it for peanuts on the TJX buyers?
I am not contradicting your reports in the least bit... But wouldn't it still be a bit early for rugby leftovers to be hitting retailers of last resort like TJ Maxx/Marshalls? I would have thought that RL would wait a few weeks before doing a "Fall of Saigon" level of clearance.
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