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^ This is very sound advice.
The colour and pattern of that SC..................
OinkBoink, you're the Yin to my Manslut Yang. She sounds f*cking great.
Forgive the shameless label-whoring but I'm desperately trying to resist buying a Mulberry briefcase
Agreed. I have one of his suits, cut very slim, the fabric feels of cheap quality (almost like a man-made fibre to the touch).Great Marketeer and I'm sure he's very good company on a night out but I wouldn't pay anything like the asking price for his stuff.
The postman dropped these off yesterday Coral Grenadine Silk Tie Midnight Blue Cashmere Tie Delighted with both but the blue cashmere is particularly outstanding.
I can't even try to follow that. Couple of C&J belts, black leather and snuff suede and a couple more of Sam Hober's (a cashmere and a grenadine) popped through the door this morning.
Fred, I think your WAYWRN posts are consistently top drawer but they pale in comparison to that Bond Villain chair of yours.
My advice is not to see this as an Either / Or decision but rather ask yourself "why am I only buying two ties this time?"The minute it arrives you'll want another - better to admit your new addiction up front, order half a dozen and kid yourself you did it to save on postage.Just my 2 Bob
One (probably unsatisfactory) approach would be to fold rather than hang shirts you're not intending to wear immedaitely so realising more space in the R/H storage space and then put in more shelving (although I'd not want to do this personally). Just hang the ones for the next couple of days Is there any storage space under the bed/divan you could utilise for shoes, non-seasonal items and the like?
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