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All are great but Man Alive, the cloth in this one is just..........
^ This is very sound advice.
The colour and pattern of that SC..................
OinkBoink, you're the Yin to my Manslut Yang. She sounds f*cking great.
Forgive the shameless label-whoring but I'm desperately trying to resist buying a Mulberry briefcase http://www.mulberry.com/#/storefront/c5829/6163/moreviews/
Agreed. I have one of his suits, cut very slim, the fabric feels of cheap quality (almost like a man-made fibre to the touch).Great Marketeer and I'm sure he's very good company on a night out but I wouldn't pay anything like the asking price for his stuff.
The postman dropped these off yesterday Coral Grenadine Silk Tie http://www.samhober.com/grenadine-garza-grossa-solid-silk-ties/coral-grenadine-silk-tie-36.html Midnight Blue Cashmere Tie http://www.samhober.com/cashmere-black-warp-series-ties/cashmere-tie-1.html Delighted with both but the blue cashmere is particularly outstanding.
I can't even try to follow that. Couple of C&J belts, black leather and snuff suede and a couple more of Sam Hober's (a cashmere and a grenadine) popped through the door this morning.
Fred, I think your WAYWRN posts are consistently top drawer but they pale in comparison to that Bond Villain chair of yours.
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