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Late to the ball I know but this is just tremendous. Superb!
You're such a consistently dapper bloke it could get annoying You're a dab more adventurous than I'd dare to be but I really enjoy your posts here. Top work Sir.
So just over a fortnight then?
Last week I swore off buying anymore shoes until the New Year. Today I weakened a morsel and before I knew it I'd bought a pair of Weymouths in the Brown and Savilles in Black. I'll be nicely turned out when the Bailiffs kick my door in I suppose
As always I'd assume it'd depend upon the quality of the materials utilised and the complexity and time involved in meeting your specific requirements. Worth a call / email to her I'd have thought for a discussion around her approach, what you're looking for etc.Good luck.
Beautiful boots Namor. Bit of a lively day for my credit card involing a couple of Linea suits (Grey POW & Houndstooth respectively) and a new Mulberry briefcase in black I've been "umming" and "ahhing" over for the last 2 weeks. Can't take it with you I suppose
All are great but Man Alive, the cloth in this one is just..........
^ This is very sound advice.
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