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Couldn't agree more. I bought my first pair of C&J a decade or so ago from mtheir store in Colmore Row Birmingham when I was on a temporary posting there and have been buying from the same person in the store ever since.They know me, know the lasts I like, know when to call me when new stock is arriving and are a fantastic source of advice.In return I send them to the Cayman Islands for Christmas every year (that's what my credit card statement suggests anyway).
This ^ - They're pretty shoddy articles for the price.
Those check strides are awesome.Great stuff
MoL, I'm not well informed enough to state whether this is sound advice or not but you're a thoroughly decent sort for taking the time to try and help. Top arrows. Sir!
In my experience for the first 6-12 months you'll be so shattered through sleepless nights and having to bow to your little Emperor's every whim that you won't notice if you have your shoes on the wrong feet. Wet wipes, hand sanitiser and just not caring quite so much are probably your best options. Try and wear tops the same colour as re-gurgitated milk is a good bet for the first 6 months or so. Best of luck with it, fatherhood is the hardest, most rewarding and most...
This looks really, REALLY good on you.Nice work Sir!
That uncomfortable feeling you get of knowing you settled for second-best will be with you long after the pain of paying the extra for the item you really want has faded.
If your interview is tomorrow then you've not much of a chance to make too many changes. Get the basics right in terms of ensuring your shirt's ironed, trousers creased, shoes polished and so on and ensure your hair, hands and nails are clean. My advice, for what it's worth, is don't spend any more time worrying about what your suit looks like (it's perfectly acceptable) and spend every available minute preparing for the interview itself. What questions are they likely to...
Ditto, the pleats do you no favours I'm afraid.
Beautiful looking cloth
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