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I've three pairs of the Bulldog model. I agree they're expensive but they look great by the pool (even if the rest of my sad, decaying carcass doesn't). I umm'd and ahh'd over getting a couple of pairs of the Setters for this year but have held fire so far.Which type are you looking at?
In addition to those already posted; Sharp suits - Eric Musgrave (as much for the excellent photography as anything else) Some pocket guides ABC of Men's fashion - Hardy Amies A well dressed gentleman's pocket guide - Oscar Lenius Possibly more of a guide to the origins of menswear staples Icons of Men's style - Josh Sims
For the sake of clarity is this leap happening at sea-level? Is it from a standing position or could one be leaping from the roof of a moving vehicle or the limber of a gun carriage or such like? Apologies for the possible pedantry but in these cases precision must be our watchword!
Had another delivery from Vanda Fine Clothing waiting for me when I returned home this evening. Old news I suppose but God their stuff is lovely. Part of me hopes they slightly dissapoint me on an order one day so I can stop buying stuff from them. No luck so far. Can't recommend them enough.
Received mine from davesmith today.Perfect, faultless item. Absolutely top bit of kit.Much appreciated.Now back to our scheduled programming.
Disagree. Dog, blanket and shoes are enviably co-ordinated
James Smith & Sons A nickel handled Derby maybe?
Nicely done Sir!Spend x10 as much time working out what you want from the internship and how you'll go about achieving it as you do worrying about what you should be wearing would be my nod to the wise.Contact HR if you're really worried about the dress code but ultimately I'd dress in a sober, undemonstrative way until I understood the culture.
Strides look good.
Some here
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