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Purge it with fire like a retreating Soviet army.It's a really interesting thread but ( if you'll forgive me sticking my oar in) it needs curating. Be brutal. Cut the stuff that's not up to the mark - it's your thread and yours is the only opinion as to what's good enough/useful enough to be retained.Just my 2 bob.
The term Blazer is derived from either the striped jackets worn by the crew of the HMS Blazer or the red "Blazer" jackets worn by the Cambridge rowing crews in the early nineteenth century.Seersucker came to Britain via India. Whether it arrived there from Persia via trade or conquest is beyond my shaky recollection and education.Gingham (I can only assume) arrived in Britain via the films of Doris Day and the table-cloths of various Italian eateries in Soho
On top of the comments about diving in too quickly I'd add thinking that buying cheap doesn't mean buying twice. Far better to acquire a quality but limited set of staples that you can use as a foundation than any number of cheaper items of a limited quality and lifespan.
I occassionally wear a pair of dark mahogany wholecuts with a dark navy suit on a Friday as my one "Casual Friday" concession and sometimes an oxblood Oxford. Never had any form of criticism from anyone. I suspect as much because most of the chaps I work with in the bank seem to struggle to find a working iron and a shoe brush most days so my "rule-breaking" slips under the radar. I suspect the majority of men have very few pairs of formal shoes. If you're going to just...
This may not be the best example but PMoK has got more swagger in his little finger than I'll acquire in a lifetime.
I work for myself in the City of London in the investment banking and insurance sectors. Ive worked in the industry all my working life. There's an expectation ( albeit sadly diminishing) that people will dress to a particular standard. The loosening of these standards actually makes it easier for somebody relatively spic and span to stand out in a positive way. Once you accept you'll be suited and booted every day this attention to what you wear can either be seen as a...
Code:Yup. 'fraid so.
Fruit of the loom heavy cotton T's. Cheap and durable. Pick them up for Amazon for buttons.
^ This. In buckets.
Geezer, you must be a rare exception. I work in the Square Mile, in one the UK's ever-popular investment banks. I wear black monkstraps on occasion but very rarely see another pair. What I do see are lots of square-toed loafers and the occasional pair of ridden hard, put away wet Derbies. Having worked in the City on and off for the last twenty years I can confirm its reputation for any sort of male sartorial elegance is grossly inflated. The best dressed City workers...
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