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Received mine from davesmith today.Perfect, faultless item. Absolutely top bit of kit.Much appreciated.Now back to our scheduled programming.
Disagree. Dog, blanket and shoes are enviably co-ordinated
James Smith & Sons A nickel handled Derby maybe? http://www.james-smith.co.uk/product-categories/walking-sticks
Nicely done Sir!Spend x10 as much time working out what you want from the internship and how you'll go about achieving it as you do worrying about what you should be wearing would be my nod to the wise.Contact HR if you're really worried about the dress code but ultimately I'd dress in a sober, undemonstrative way until I understood the culture.
Strides look good.
Some herehttp://dieworkwear.com/
Couldn't agree more. I bought my first pair of C&J a decade or so ago from mtheir store in Colmore Row Birmingham when I was on a temporary posting there and have been buying from the same person in the store ever since.They know me, know the lasts I like, know when to call me when new stock is arriving and are a fantastic source of advice.In return I send them to the Cayman Islands for Christmas every year (that's what my credit card statement suggests anyway).
This ^ - They're pretty shoddy articles for the price.
Those check strides are awesome.Great stuff
MoL, I'm not well informed enough to state whether this is sound advice or not but you're a thoroughly decent sort for taking the time to try and help. Top arrows. Sir!
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