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I've 8 or 9 of their ties and they're all exquisite items. Great to be able to support an artisanal concern with such a focus on quality in terms of materials and workmanship and lovely people too So far I've managed to resist the Shantungs but suspect I won't be able to hold off much longer
David, any news on when you'll be re-stocking your cashmere black warp ties? The majority seem to have been out of stock for a while. Thanks in advance.
I have a number of their pieces and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. Not to everyone's taste but the workmanship IMO is faultless and they're just quirky enough to be interesting rather than embarrassing. http://www.cherchbi.co.uk/shop/squires-holdall-m/
Nor me. Looks pretty good.
Nothing says "effortless style" quite like adolescent homophobia
Actually, based purely upon personal observation, I'd say the young businessmen and women I've seen in my trips to Tokyo are almost universally well dressed.
This.Personally,unless your need is dire, I'd not buy anything until your weight loss has plateaud as you're likely to lose some timber from your neck and you won't be able to alter your collars thus leaving you with a bunch of new shirts you can't wear. Set yourself a weightloss goal ( MOL's as always excellent advice notwithstanding ) and reward yourself with some new clobber when this goal is achieved.Best of luck.
Too bold for what exactly? Looks like a nice bit of schmutter to my uneducated eye.
We Caucasians are inscrutable sometimes, no?I really like Mafoofan's look. Perfectly presentable, nicely relaxed and in keeping with his surroundings.It's a shame you didn't enjoy Browns - if you ever venture into London again try afternoon tea at the Langham. Very civilised.
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