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I remember reading this together with Orwell's "The road to Wigan pier" in my second year at secondary school (towards the end of the 1970s). To my shame I can't say I've thought of the book in the thirty odd years since. Perhaps this is the occasion to visit it again.Cheers.
Although, of course, Tea actually will fix everything.
My first MTM 2 piece from Steed arrived a couple of days ago. Despite a couple of minor qubbles rgarding the fit the overall experience has far exceeded my expectations in terms of the ease, speed and quality of the process and finished product. I'll post some shots if anyone's interested once I get the minor amendments sorted when they're back from the US. The downside to all of this is that I now have a wardrobe full of suits that I'm dissatisfied with and a set of...
Yup. That looks like a lot of cash for not so much shoe IMO.What's a new pair of those kicks going to put you back compared to the time, effort and cost you'll incur in getting those into anything like a presentable condition?Best of luck whatever you decide.
I liked this a lot.
It's actually illegal to park or use a motor vehicle on the public highway without minimum Third Party Insurance. Approximately £30 of every UK motorists insurance premium goes towards paying for losses caused by uninsured drivers as Insurers have to pick up some of the injury costs incurred as a result of uninsured drivers.Ive often* thought the obvious way to avoid this is to give everyone with a licence minimum Third Party Insurance for free and recover this via...
[[SPOILER]] Fly from Aberdeen to Birmingham International - 90 minute flight.Direct train from Birmingham International to Northants - less than an hour.
Just to add one more thought I wonder if saying that how work colleagues dress really has no impact on you. Isn't the way an organisation's people present themselves internally and externally (including how their staff dress) important in establishing its public and marketplace perception and reputation? If staff dressing well contributes positively to this perception and reputation then that enhances the prestige of working there (to some degree) increases each workers...
I don't recall seeing a single fit post from Braddock that could be considered anything of a miss. Some very solid stuff.
Fine work. Thanks
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