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Try looking more English, maybe?
Steed knocked me one up in a navy Hardy Minnis flannel (0305). It's bullet-proof, beautiful, tactile cloth.
I have a pair of Islays, five or so years old. They've had plenty of wear and haven't been babied. I only use the C&J standard shoe trees and they're holding up just fine.
Received a new 2 button blazer last Friday in a gorgeous navy flannel (Hardy Minnis 0305). Fits beautifully, the cloth has that lovely deep, soft hand of really good quality flannel. Had its maiden outing today. Absolutely delighted. A couple of frescos for next summer should be in the works shortly.
For the sake of conversation what about occasion, seasonality, texture and materials? Midnight navy Grenadine - Spring Midnight navy Macclesfield - Autumn Midnight navy cashmere - Winter Midnight navy shantung - Summer Midnight navy knit - Business casual Grey & black glenplaid - Weddings A black knit is a really good Swiss Army knife of a tie. It's just about suitable for any occasion that demands a tie. Rarely ideal but if you could only had one tie you'd struggle to...
They can accommodate at either address.
Gentlemen, your thoughts and advice please. I'm about to commission a navy flannel single-breasted, two button blazer from Edwin. Patch pockets at the hip but I'm torn as to the breast pocket - welt or patch? Is this purely a matter of personal taste/choice or is there some other consideration I should have in mind? Obliged in advance etc.
Add the Charles Tyrwhitt Black Label suits to the list. The semi canvassed slim fits are reasonable work horse suits. You can normally pick something up towards the end of the season for £250 or so. Nothing spectacular but reasonable value/quality.
If you haven't seen it already look out for Capaldi's turn as the Machiavellian spin-doctor Malcolm Tucker in BBC's The Thick of it. Almost all of his dialogue is NSFW but does turn swearing into a sort of art form.
Didn't know where else to post this but the Drake's online sale is on.
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