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Pedantry Ahoy!It's "Hereford".
See also Katharine Hepburn, Diane Keaton, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Janelle Monae, Saskia de Brauw etc etcWelcome Kylerton!
I can although I think the pattern is more distinct in the swatch/link than in reality so I'm not sure you'll be any the wiser. It's a handsome looking cloth up close but will reduce to a plain navy from anything beyond touching distance.
I have a suit in exactly that cloth (wore it today as it happens).The overcheck is very faint and possibly not distinct enough for a blazer (depends upon your taste I suppose).Makes a fine suit though.
No mystery I'm afraid.I phoned the bloke up who makes my stuff and ordered some swatches.
Ordered both.No self-control.Ahh well
I'm looking at the Smith & Co book at a 9/10 Oz Finmeresco (SW2948) or a 12/13 Oz (SW2904).Decisions, decisions.
I have a dozen or so of the Tokyo slim fits shirts bought online but hadn't noticed the 300 Club shirts until I saw a banner on their site at the weekend. Anyone have any experience with these? I've taken a punt on a couple to start with, should be here in the UK in a week or so.
Glen plaid tie (as described) is a classic wedding tie IMO. The combinations sound fine - I'd go for a black oxford shoe personally but burgundy/oxblood is a fine choice too.
Just goes to show the disparity in experiences with these individual makers.I've found Sean a pleasure to deal with. Friendly, accommodating and the quality of his work seems first class.
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