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I was at the Colmore Row store at opening time this morning. Plenty for sale in all sizes including a nice pair of cordovan Bradfords that made their way home with me.
Yes, always. I alternate the pair of trousers used each time I wear the suit. I always get both pairs plus the coat cleaned and pressed whenever it's required.
Looks a little like the wool\linen mix sawtooths vanda do. Agreed it's an interesting texture.
Sunspel or Orlebar Brown.
Orlebar Brown Bulldogs.
Can we get some more context? What's your budget? You mentioned your office - what sort of profession/industry? You say you're a jeans and T-Shirt type - is that by choice or because you can't get alternatives that fit? Do you know the rest of your dimensions - collar, arm and body length etc? Where are you, Europe, US or Other? The obvious alternatives, in the absence of more information, are to go made to measure / bespoke, look at the boy's sections in some of the...
HoldfastAs articulate and constructive as always and summed up my own thoughts far more eloquently than I could.This challenge was excellent and the participants showed a depth and variety that those of us (blessed or) cursed with the safety of wearing formal business wear each day can only envy.Particularly interested in Parker's and MoK's entries as I'd guess we're not a miilion miles apart in age (but clearly leagues apart in imagination and creativity).Great stuff.
Yep, definite Yam Yam.
He can try, she's an Albion fan IIRC
If he's not available ask for Linda.Don't forget to shout "Up the Baggies" for a 10% discount**Terms may apply. Offer is not legally binding, yadda yadda yadda.
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