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Good point. I hadn't noticed that until you pointed it out. I'm just under 6 feet, and I've tried on the occasional 44L or 46L. They're almost always too long for me.
Quick thrift fit: Thrifted items: Suit: Samuelsohn (via Nataku) Shirt: Talbott Estate bespoke Tie: T&A Non-thrifted: Square: Vanda Shoes: AE Weybridge
I hope you guys are shooting tethered into Lightroom or Aperture. If not, I suspect it would speed up your process considerably.
I always treat my new shoes with Saphir Renovateur conditioner and then polish. You never know how long and under what environmental conditions a pair of shoes has been sitting on the shelf before you buy them. The Renovateur will usually take care of the minor scuff marks too. The Saphir products are expensive, but they're also awesome. I buy mine from The Hanger Project, an SF affiliate.
Jacket: Adrian Jules Shirt: Charles Tyrwhitt Tie: Hober Square: Vanda
What he said.
Saw this today. Double-breasted suit, light and dark nailhead cloth pattern producing a medium gray color at a distance. Pass or grab?
Good on you, brother.
Pics or it didn't happen.
iPhone thrift fit pic from this morning: Jacket: Calvin Klein, medium gray linen Shirt: Zegna Sport, kinda peachy w/ blue check Trousers: Zegna Soft, light khaki Shoes: Cole Haan, navy oxfords via Nataku
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