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Link to it online? I think the Lord and Taylor we had here closed. I will have to check I never go to the mall it is in.
Those are the ones they had on sale at nordstrom. I am not really a fan of that belt. I think I will get the AE Wide Belt in Walnut when I can find one on sale. Until then I guess I will not wear the strands.Off topic it is nice to have these shoes as I am finally gettibng somewhat of a shoe collection. AE Delrays, park aves and the strands. Ferragamo loafers, gucci loafers, cole haan loafers, and some bruno magli slip on rubber soled joints.
I just got some AE Strands in walnut. These are my first shoes with any sort of broguing. Are you supposed to wear a belt that has broguing on it with shoes like this? I personally do not like the look of broguing on a belt, but nordstrom has an AE belt on sale that matches these shoes. Opinions?
No idea really. Zanellas tend to run fuller in general, hence why I buy them. I am about 25 pounds overweight now, but even when I am my normal size I am a big dude so the more fitted type clothes I do not buy. If you are looking for a slimmer cut do not go with the zanellas.
Rofl, funny havent looked on here in a few weeks, but went to the sale to cop two pairs of zanellas for 199 each, and saw the strands in walnut for 199 so had to cop em. Good day charcoal slacks, navy slacks, and walnut strands all for 600. Not bad imo.
NM. I ordered them. I will let you know if I prefer them or BB Luxury.
Just bought 3 white, 1 blue of the brroks brothers luxury. They are pretty nice though the lady that works there seemed zzzzzz. About to order a white and a blue hilditch and key. Guess I will just have to see which is best.
Cool, I am buying them after work today. Do they ever let you use corp discount when sale is going on? Maybe if I was like "I will buy 6 shirts instead of 4, if you let me use corp discount". Any success with that?
Quote: Originally Posted by KObalto I have a couple of BB luxury with spread collars. The fabric is very nice too. I ahve seen them too, just not in button cuff, and plain blue and white. These are strictly work shirts. Finally moved up in the world and my clothing budget went from liek 100 a month to like 700 a month so I am trying to finally have a complete great work wardrode. Anyway, consensus seems that luxury is good, maybe I go to...
Yes, I like the BB Luxury, but the collars on the plain white double button are the type I dont like. I dont like collars like that. I prefer more of a spread like on the H&K, but them I am wondering since I work in a very conservaitve bank if a spread collar is even what I should be wearing. BB offers the spread in a french cuff plain white, but not in the double button cuff.
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