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If you've got a 32 inch waist, this one will fit you perfectly. If you want a 32 inch length belt of the same style, go to the Leather Goods Connection website.
Black bridle leather with square garrison buckle made of nickel-toned brass. Only worn once to try on, a bit too big for my 31-inch waist. Cost me $46 with shipping, trying to salvage a little cash. Let me know if you have any questions.
Wow, those look great.Is the middle wallet in the last picture made out of extra lining or something?
I'm about to try. I haven't slept in 22 hours. :P
I've heard that missing a night of sleep is worse since sleeping is vital to muscle regeneration, but most people don't lift heavy objects so I wasn't sure. Missing a night of sleep might be worse for bodybuilders than runners or other athletes.
Why can I not start a listing in B&S?
I've heard something about how those store-brand vitamins are laced with things that aren't listed on the package.
I've heard different angles on this. What's worse, missing a day of exercise or missing a night of sleep?
I had a pair of these that I took the leather tag off of (they're all stitched over the weft) and made into shorts. They're finally a decent product. They stretch quite a bit.
What model of knife is that?
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