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I'm about 5'9, 150lbs. My suit size is between a 36R to 38R. I'm an M in AA hoodies, and t-shirts. They fit perfectly, not too tight, not too loose. I would assume I'm an M other AA products. If you're about my size, probably get an M.
You might wanna make separate links leading to different categories. It's quite cluttered as of now. Take GQ's for example ( You need to up the visual appeal as well. I don't know about you, but I would brush that website off if it comes across in one of my searches. You're not writing a paper here. Your main audience are college students. Pictures, especially when it comes to what fit is. That GQ guide has tons. For the...
Well, isn't that just wonderful. I've just made a purchase from there 2 days ago. Thanks for posting.
If having a fitting shirt is important to you, spending a little amount on tailoring for the perfect fit is acceptable. Afterall, I'm one of those who spend about $10 slimming down $20 Van Heusen wrinkle free shirts (it's hard finding slim fitting shirts for the lazy cheap guys). It'll look better than people with $200 shirts that fits like a tent.
It's possible, but the result might not be as flattering. I've had my center vent turned into side vents. The tailor added part of the fabric from the suit pants that were hemmed to the vents to create the overlapping. It looks just as good as a normal side-vented suit, until you lift up the vent. A friend of mine got his ventless suit side-vented along with the overlapping from the same guy. His didn't come out as good. The suit came out looking weird with the...
Looks like Samurai jeans. edit: on a second look, maybe not. Looks similar.
Are you still selling them? PM sent.
Whoops, I mean the EDWIN jeans.
Can I get more measurements for the jeans? (Actual waist, inseam, hem width, rise, etc.)
My hair is so thick, stiff and super straight that I can grow a medium length straight afro. If you're in the NYC area, there's this Japanese salon called Hair Mates. Quite possibly the best haircut I've had in my entire life. I've never really tried spiking my hair, since my hair has always been previously cut evenly throughout. It will look like flat top spikes when I gell it up. But the way I was cut at Hair Mates, I had this natural soft spikes without putting...
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