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Quote: Originally Posted by whatever123 are those cap toes up top by ps? they look like something they would do but of way better quality. maybe trussardi 1911? fuck, what are those? i like them. Quote: Originally Posted by whatever123 shit ... i need to expand my shoe calling knowledge. to boot ny ... who the fuck is that? i like them but i would not buy them. to my stalkers ... nope, i would not buy them even on...
Quote: Originally Posted by dmash Lane, this is it right here. $1500 Augustas on 25% discount $2000 Rick or Julius Jacket on discount $1000 Julius Pants/Shorts $500 Julius/Rick Shirts Something like below. You can wear it everyday and never wash it as it looks better with wear. Not sure if serious.
^ You seem like an asshole.
Quote: Originally Posted by zippyh I think these two are 17 and 18. How long did it take you to build such an impressive collection?
Definitely go for the leather sole.
Perhaps FW 2011 review soon?
There is so much new information to me. I enjoyed this thread. /off topic talking Quote: Originally Posted by shahanshah also wondering how frye got a mention and even described as better than f+b ? anyway none of those need to be talked about here, just peculiar Fiorentini + Baker is a nice manufacturer, they keep the unique design, good quality and affordable prices. Far better than Frye...
Quote: Originally Posted by APK Maybe he had another life-changing emergency. Obviously, he should think before acting, especially on buying expensive clothes.
Quote: Originally Posted by kwoyeu I really like this thread, but ... Why not just title it the official sz-approved boots/shoes thread which is what it really seems to be about There are streetwear boots/shoes from mmm, dries, junta x trickers, Mr.hare, nonnative etc that are 700+ but don't aesthetically gel with those posted so far at all. Of course one could say that none of those brands produces 'baller' footwear but a claim like that even if true...
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