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What fabric did you get?
Does anyone know when the 666 5th Ave store is opening?
Does anyone have any experience with Katin boardshorts? Do they fit true to size? I'm a 29 in most denim (samurai, sugarcane, etc.), and am wondering whether to go with a 28 or 30. Thanks in advance.
- what is the short length? (inseam or outseam) - is it true to size sizing? (i usually wear 29" jeans, these shorts might be a bit small if tts) Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by Prince of Paisley Thanks for the feedback tattersall. I assume a PM to edmorel is the best way to get our orders in / sort out measurements etc.? +1. How to order? (if i missed it, can someone please link me to the info page)
What is the difference in color and feel of Navy #C and Navy #19 fabrics? I'm trying to decide between the two.
My ToJ DR review: - I'm 5' 5", 135lbs, slim athletic build - Leather: Black calfskin - Lining: Maroon cupro - Gunmetal zippers, hidden snaps, no belt, allowance on RIGHT wrist for watch - Size 45 shoulders (front and back), chest, midsection, waist - Size 46 body length (front and back) - Size 47 sleeve width @ pit, elbow - MTM: sleeve length to 23.25", cuff width to 5.4" Leather VERY stiff when package opened, will soften up with a couple wears Calfskin is...
These were the superfine fabrics I think Jantzen meant as chambray, but named it "champery". (Correct me if i'm wrong): Jantzen 8082, HKD$360, Blue champery, 100's 2 plys,100% European Cotton. Jantzen 8083, HKD$360, Light grey champery, 100's 2 plys,100% European Cotton. Jantzen 8084, HKD$360, Light blue champery, 100's 2 plys,100% European Cotton. Jantzen 8085, HKD$360, Light purple champery, 100's 2 plys,100% European Cotton. Any experience with these? Are they indeed...
Has anyone had any experience with chambray fabrics?
Quote: Originally Posted by Redwoood That one doesn't seem be there. Just added 8389.
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