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Dayum, I did not know that ... thanks for the history lesson.
Isn't that an oxymoron?
I almost feel like I'm necro-bumping here, but since no one responded, I figured this might be useful for those who are too lazy to go the BB site: MEN'S BLACK FLEECE SIZE CONVERSION CHART BB0= 36 XXS 15 / 31 BB1= 38 XS 15 / 33 BB2= 40 S 151/2 / 34 BB3= 42 M 16 / 34 BB4= 44 L 161/2 / 35 BB5= 46 XL 17 / 35
It looks like the term "collar gap" threw everyone into a tizzy, with varying opinions on the definition. The one I've most often seen is when there is a noticeable space between the collar points and the lapels. Everyone else can call a collar gap what they want. Having said that, my original point was that there are a number of factors to consider in how a shirt collar is worn with a jacket and tie, some of which we may not consciously think about when we put on a dress...
My aim in life is to find an OTR shirt with a collar that even comes close to PG's: I know his shirts are bespoke. Can anyone recommend an OTR shirt they like to ensure no collar gaps? Or will I just have to go custom?
I just had a suit jacket altered for better fit around the waist. I assumed I didn't have to tell them how they should go about it, and sure enough, they adjusted it only by the center back seam. Suffice it to say, it is now a straitjacket. Thankfully it was a cheap coat that I was using as a trial piece to see if they would do the alterations well. Epic Fail!
Since you live in Atlanta, why not drop by the Sid Mashburn shop to soak up the atmosphere and take a look at some pretty solid offerings.
Hellz no, not unless I got the matching clown shoes and wig.
Can you please do the same for the 40R? i would add the shoulder seam to end of sleeve measurement as well. I'm seriously thinking about buying one, but I want to make sure it will fit especially given the working cuff buttons.
Amen. +1 for the high armholes.
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