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I may have never wanted anything more than I want this right now.
I haven't made it through the entire thread yet, but I just wanted to chime in and say that I'm experiencing both of these issues as well. The latter one, in particular, is maddening. It also (for me at least) occurs if you're on a subsequent page, click a thread, then hit the back button -- you're back at page one (even if the URL says you're on 3).
This stuff is quite pretty, but why can't it be in 36-38?
Can we please stop quoting the same wall of images 20 times without using spoiler tags? To refrain a question that was asked and not answered on page one, is there a good place to find a 3-pc aside from going bespoke? I've not seen any OTR or on the 'bay with the exception of some horrible mod polyester extravaganzas.
Quote: Originally Posted by scohrdarkshadow Wish i could pull off a hat. But too often wearing a fedora screams trying too hard. Difficult to toe the line. It's really not hard to pull one off, as long as you have the confidence to do so. I'm only 29 and look like I'm 21, but I got a couple for Father's Day and have had nothing but compliments (especially from the lady folk). Just as with suits or anything else you put on, you have to wear the...
Quote: Originally Posted by acidboy ok so this is the first time that happened to me and I was just wondering... I biked sunday morning for maybe around 35 miles mostly up mountain roads, and up till monday the sole of my left foot, the area below the smaller toes, was sore and was wondering what caused this. I usually keep my left foot straight when I freewheel so I don't know if my body weight was a factor, and I stuck with the crank's mid ring even...
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Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH Put them on the Buying & Selling Forum. I am sure people will bite. Only problem is, I think you have to have 45(?) or so posts to create a thread there. Might need someone to proxy it for you, or maybe there's some other way around it. I dunno.
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Similar to the shoe question above, is it relatively easy to resuscitate heavily-creased shoes (as opposed to the earlier scuff)? My local consignment store has a very nice pair of C&J for RL Polo for $70, and they're in perfect shape except for some pretty serious crease.
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