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I think this was a good comment that got buried too quickly. There are (or were, and will be again) great deals to be had here from people who mostly know (a) what they have and (b) how to measure it, something that can be difficult to find on ebay (38Rs with 19" shoulders?). But as someone who is looking for specific sizes to build up my wardrobe and doesn't have hours and hours a day to hit F5, the incredible speed and chatter of the old system could be extremely...
I think his PS has gained sentience and is trying to escape to find brains on which to feed.
Right above the first thread, in big bold type. They're just in a visually different "box" from the thread listing, so it takes a minute to re-adjust.I'm not an old hand, but I think with the exception of B&S (which is admittedly broken, so I reserve judgement until it "works") it's fine. Better in some cases.
The first is, like much advertising, following the headline style guide, which has its own special set of rules. Often there's no copula, past events can be written in the present, predictions are written in infinitive form, etc. This is a pretty good run-down of what's going on.The second is just plain incorrect.
Looks far too large in the shoulders, to me (though it's a bit hard to tell due to the flash throwing glare). They're hanging off the edge of your shoulder blade. Looks like you could size down one, maybe even two.
Yeah, same here. Of course, they keep it a balmy 68 degrees in this office, so it's not like I'm sweating wrinkles into the fabric, but I don't have any problems with it. Just unbutton when you sit down, and re-button when you stand back up; you should be able to do it one-handed, just like a bra strap.
I may have never wanted anything more than I want this right now.
I haven't made it through the entire thread yet, but I just wanted to chime in and say that I'm experiencing both of these issues as well. The latter one, in particular, is maddening. It also (for me at least) occurs if you're on a subsequent page, click a thread, then hit the back button -- you're back at page one (even if the URL says you're on 3).
This stuff is quite pretty, but why can't it be in 36-38?
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