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Speaking of subscriptions... would be nice if the subscription page deferred to something like your displayed posts-per-page number or something similar. With only the top 10 or so showing and having to click "more" every ten posts, it feels a bit too much like old facebook. Hell, I'm new here and even I have more subscriptions than that I'd like to be viewing at once. It would also be nice if the page remembered that preference when you navigate back to it using...
I don't know what you guys did during the shift to curb all the , but it seems to be working. At one point when I was still lurking I remember seeing 16 spam threads just on the first page of MC. Nary one in sight anymore. Kudos.
Very nice. Know where she got it?
Truth. Honestly it's nice just to have somewhere to put your wallet that doesn't jack your back up from sitting on a big piece of leather.
What is that in the middle there? Cufflinks? Cigarette case? It's gorgeous, whatever it is.
Mitchum Hydrosolid for Men. Best stuff in existence. You may sweat everywhere else, but not your pits!
Oh, nice. I just bought a pair in black off the 'bay; nice to see that they look decent actually on someone's feet.
Indeed. I just picked up one in Super 120's from a consignment for a song, that probably dates to early '90s at the latest. It's gorgeous and the fabric is still amazing; the only bad thing is that the gorge is super super low, to the point where the notch lapel blocks off half the breast pocket.
We love you too, ed.
Yeah, I thought it was/is great, but so few people were listing their items on it that it wasn't very helpful. Unless it's something that's "officially" integrated into the site, I have a hard time seeing everyone use it, regardless of how refined Onix is able to make it.
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