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First lapel'd vest I've seen that I actually like. Usually the lapel-on-lapel look is too much, but because of the dark solids it's very subtle here.
Oh yeah, forgot they had working cuffs. I want the sleeve msmt on the 38 then, too.
Thanks for the write-up. Can I ask you to measure the shoulder seam-to-seam, chest, and bottom-of-collar to hem on the 38R? 'Twould be helpful.
This looks like an Herbal Essence shampoo commercial.
Possibly interested, pending exact definition of "standard measurements"
Could the OP maybe use, I dunno, some formatting or something? A couple paragraph breaks, bullet lists, etc. would be nice. Right now it reads like Faulkner.
A 1-poster corroborated by a 2-poster? Hmm...
And one for the StyleForum widows...
Picked up 12 pairs for $13 I had a $100 visa gift card that picked up most of it, of course, but still, great price.
I'm a floater right now (my optimal BOC is usually right between an S and R), so I'd be happy for them to move in either direction just so OTR fits better.
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