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Do any of these makers run wide? I'm typically a 9.5 or 10E, and need that extra width (4.25"-4.375" sole width is about perfect), but there have been a few 10Ds that I can get away with.
More like too matchy between beard and waistcoat.
Does anyone know anything about the age and quality of the "Givenchy Gentleman" line as shown on this suit here? Looks like it might be old enough to where it was before their quality went down the tubes, but I don't know that for sure.
A Harris, you make me really wish I was a 42R.
Also note the missed spacing after the question mark, and lack of quotation marks.
What in the hell are those...things on her feet? Do they have lapels?
Thanks! Of course, now that I scroll back through the thread I see that you posted those same measurements a while back.
First lapel'd vest I've seen that I actually like. Usually the lapel-on-lapel look is too much, but because of the dark solids it's very subtle here.
Oh yeah, forgot they had working cuffs. I want the sleeve msmt on the 38 then, too.
Thanks for the write-up. Can I ask you to measure the shoulder seam-to-seam, chest, and bottom-of-collar to hem on the 38R? 'Twould be helpful.
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