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Though I agree that it's mostly a bit tight, I do rather like this. But what are the odds this guy -- or anyone else wearing RL (isn't this a purple label model?) -- are ever going to go out shooting? Without any actual use, the leather patch just seems silly.
Good to know. I'd really like to pick up a tweed 3-piece and have been looking at some of their stuff lately. What kind of weight for tweed would most people suggest for Tennessee? Usually we're somewhere between 20-50 degrees Fahrenheit during the winter. I was thinking a mid-light weight to combat the office heater, but I don't really know for sure.
Or we could always go to flip. They know me by name at this point. Not much in the way of hang-out space, though.
Oh man, I didn't realize it was opening so soon.So....any "SF discount"?
Electric beard trimmer ($30); Decent haircut ($60).Man, I really want a tweed 3-pc. Has anyone dealt with Bookster before? They seem to have some nice fabrics, but I'm unsure of the fits.
No doubt. Victor, make/model of the shoes?
My big qualm is that it appears (on my monitor at least) that his socks and shoes are slightly different shades of green, with the socks a forest green and the shoes more of a hunter/true green. It's a painful mismatch. Also those pants look tight enough in the thigh to be seriously pulling along the inseam stitch.
.....Is this a real thing?
I know DBs are allowed to be a bit shorter than SB jackets, but exactly how short is acceptable here? Is there any rule-of-thumb? This seems a bit too much.PG is killin' it with some of those looks.
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