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Do you guys use liquid fabric softener when you cold wash/hang dry your shirts? I have a couple times, and it seems to almost make the fabric stiffer. Does it require a tumble dry to actually "soften" clothes? Should I leave it out in the future?
I really like this with the exception of the tie. I know there are instances where you can pair black and brown, but this doesn't feel like one of them, especially since the black is very close to the navy blue of the blazer. It also feels a bit incongruous because the light brown belt/shoes are more "fun" whereas you can't get much more somber than a black/white repp tie.
The plaid flatcap really makes that. And the beard is coming in nicely.
Though I agree that it's mostly a bit tight, I do rather like this. But what are the odds this guy -- or anyone else wearing RL (isn't this a purple label model?) -- are ever going to go out shooting? Without any actual use, the leather patch just seems silly.
Good to know. I'd really like to pick up a tweed 3-piece and have been looking at some of their stuff lately. What kind of weight for tweed would most people suggest for Tennessee? Usually we're somewhere between 20-50 degrees Fahrenheit during the winter. I was thinking a mid-light weight to combat the office heater, but I don't really know for sure.
Or we could always go to flip. They know me by name at this point. Not much in the way of hang-out space, though.
Oh man, I didn't realize it was opening so soon.So....any "SF discount"?
Electric beard trimmer ($30); Decent haircut ($60).Man, I really want a tweed 3-pc. Has anyone dealt with Bookster before? They seem to have some nice fabrics, but I'm unsure of the fits.
No doubt. Victor, make/model of the shoes?
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