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Just paid for 1, 2, 5, 13 and 22. Seller was a pleasure to deal with.
Just lovely, Victor. Do you have light padding in your jacket shoulders, or are they natural?
Pfft. Stocking seam tats are for amateurs. The real women these days are all into corset piercings.
Just caught up on ~1,000 posts after being out due to the birth of baby #2. Lots of great fits; especially loved the Spoo/DerekS bromance a few pages back, even if the latter is a bastard who steals all the 38 stuff at the local stores before I can get to them. Everyone is still just as crochety as ever. As a born-and-raised Southerner, if you're going to argue about anything to do with the South nowadays it damn well better be bourbon. For the love of God people, if...
I aim to please.
Typo or clever pun? [[SPOILER]]
Kiton made something of 100% polyester? Is that for rainproofing?
Do you guys use liquid fabric softener when you cold wash/hang dry your shirts? I have a couple times, and it seems to almost make the fabric stiffer. Does it require a tumble dry to actually "soften" clothes? Should I leave it out in the future?
I really like this with the exception of the tie. I know there are instances where you can pair black and brown, but this doesn't feel like one of them, especially since the black is very close to the navy blue of the blazer. It also feels a bit incongruous because the light brown belt/shoes are more "fun" whereas you can't get much more somber than a black/white repp tie.
The plaid flatcap really makes that. And the beard is coming in nicely.
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