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Score! I stopped by my local Froogal's over lunch and they had everything in stock. Picked up a bottle each of ER 17 and the Stagg. Wanted to get more but at $86 a pop (GOD I hate the Tennessee Sin Taxes) that's about all I could swing at the moment. May go back to pick up Sazerac 18 later. ...or maybe the Weller? Sell me on it, I've never had it before. Best of all is I got in some good facetime with their bourbon buyer, who is the guy who makes the calls for the PVW...
No Sazerac for you?
Anyone managed to get their hands on the BTAC yet? I saw somewhere that they released Friday, but no one in Tennessee seems to have any knowledge of this.
I guess that'd make me #2, then... The Zanellas are great pants, BTW.
I covet that hat/sunglasses combo....RL makes hats now? What line are those in?
I would kop everything in this thread were it in dollars and not pounds. That exchange rate is a killer....
I, for one, would like to see sole measurements (particularly width).
Oh man, I wish I had the funds available for that 36R, but I just got hit with an unexpected $600 car repair instead. Beautiful fabric, though.
Yes, I am certainly of the opinion that rounding up all those hats and burning them may be the best option. ESPECIALLY the ones in Trucker Plaid.
They usually aren't wearing fedoras, but silly hipster trilbys.
New Posts  All Forums: