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Manager for the print division of a music publishing company. Entails everything from marketing to music editing. I also freelance on the side, for whatever needs doing. Usually transcription work, arranging, orchestrations, engraving (Finale and/or Sibelius) and the like. It's fun, but since I'm both in the South and in the music industry, the pay is, well,
[[SPOILER]] There's a whole lot of Grade-A attention whoring in here but I have to say I really dig the sky blue braces in the 4th pic. Though it does seem as though the guy with the vest found the braces guy and conned him in to walking astride all day to compliment his vest and PS.
Y'know, for the price of two of those shirts you could get yourself a really nice take pictures that don't suck... I can't decide if this is epic trolling or just plain epic.
Well, someone bit on the deal, anyway. I just got 3 tailored-fit shirts for just over $100 shipped. Got some 15" and some 15.5" to see which works better.
I have some fun ones to post once I get them back from the tailor (a nice pinstripe Oxxford, for one) but I have a question first: Was this a decent purchase, or if I can muster GOB for a second have I made a huge mistake? The stains could be interesting but I have a cleaner who swears they can get just about anything out. We'll see. Canali for $32 is nice, even if it isn't exactly what I was looking for in a beige suit.
This is a great encouragement to those of us only beginning our sartorial journey. Any pics yet of the promised suit transformations?
Is that button stance a little high, or is it just me? (No really -- I'm still learning.) Re: hipster bikes, you should watch this. As a spandex-wearing cyclist, it's good for a few laughs. IMPORTANT NOTICE: No media files are hosted on these forums. By clicking the link below you agree to view content from an external website. We can not be held responsible for the suitability or legality of this material. If the video does not play, wait a minute or try again...
Summer Fridays!
Just wanted to say thanks for posting the links; lots of helpful info there. Oh, and to say hi. Long-time lurker, finally decided to get involved.
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