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Quote: Originally Posted by in stitches unfortunately
Just got my initial order of 3 Tailored Fit in. I have to say, for ~$35 a shirt, I'm quite pleased. I'm 5'9" and usually between 165-170 pounds (mostly muscle but some, uh, "hangers on"), so not exactly Mr. Slim, and these fit just about perfect through the chest. Could still be taken in a tad in the waist, but miles better than most RTW. Fabric is fine, about what I expected for the price. Cuffs are HUGE on me, though. Would really love a second button option on the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Tibor Bars have always been establishments where men could and/or should keep their hats on. Same thing with fine dining, you take your hat off when or before being seated unless you sit at the bar, then you keep it on. Huh. I was not aware of that rule, thanks. Too many damn rules when it comes to good hats.
Quote: Originally Posted by matik23 I just think it's funny that people aren't aware of the stupid and corny shit they post. Like you're in your mid 20s posting self help positive reinforcement quotes. Stuart Smalley for the 21st century. I'm getting to the point where (facebook) posts like this make me sad more than they make me laugh. Probably why I've culled ~90% of my friends in the last two years. Ah well, still good for a laugh every now...
Quote: Originally Posted by yachtie Not that I'm complaining, but that's a dress. Yes, I'm aware of that.
If you're patient, maybe try ebay? I just picked up a black calfskin AE belt for $25 shipped. Or the B&S forum; someone just posted a bunch of made-in-Italy RL belts that are all listed under $100 and are gorgeous.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr_Elusive Quote: Originally Posted by pvrhye Found a big girl in a suit. That chick from Madmen. She's a little on the big side. Would damage effectively. Yeah... [[SPOILER]]
Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy Monster trapped in the grate trying to get out? Turtle trying to pay for pizza?
Quote: Originally Posted by Beatlegeuse I was just checking up on their recent sale....nothing in Tailored Fit is on sale unfortunately. However, I did see a couple Black Label shirts on sale for $77, which is about double what I would normally pay for a CT shirt, but a lot less than the $115 they usually sell for. Does anyone have any experience with their Black Label shirts? Are they worth the extra money even at this steep of a...
All three of these are dreamy... bumping and tagging for awesome stuff
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