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Quote: Originally Posted by Lonneker Are you guys serious? Where do you work? I think their site used to be much racier... I work in the Vatican, for the Pope. Obviously.
Quote: Originally Posted by acidboy and you know what else? I wear t-shirts with shorts. and sometimes its a t-shirt with some rock band's name on it. omg!!!!! Burn the heretic! I'm a cyclist, so....yeah. Aside from the obvious, I have a couple pairs I'll wear around the house in the ludicrously hot southern summer, and maybe to a friend's house if I know we'll be there until the wee hours of the morning. Always get some offbeat comments...
Grant Achatz?
Quote: Originally Posted by BoomDiggs Do any of you guys use "no nose" or "split nose" seats? I hate the numbness associated with a ride and then I read this NY Times Article about these seats. http://www.nytimes.com/2011/06/28/science/28tier.html This is relevant to my interests. After getting a true metered fitting, I've had a lot less problems with the Tingle in my Dingle (I would highly recommend a good fitting, one that actually...
Quote: Originally Posted by DerekS im in nashville. no such thing as a beach. and when i was in florida, i spent my time at the bar in deck shoes. The ONLY acceptable place for a guy to wear sandals is at the beach. There is NO excuse for a man to wear flip flops with jeans and a button up to a bar. which is what happens here all the time. Sounds like you've been spending a lot of time in the Belcourt area or on 2nd avenue. I like to think...
That Kiton... Would you mind adding if there's any length in the sleeves to be let out to your OP measurements?
Quote: Originally Posted by DidYouknow The word Recession when people use it as an excuse for being to lazy to get a job. The words brilliant, touche, indeed. Touché. Not exactly a word per se, but this relatively recent (<10 years) trend of all the guy's and girl's who make their word's plural by adding apostrophe's before the s's. I swear no one this until I was in college. And I grew up in sticksville, Kentucky. Why did this suddenly...
I usually just tuck my polos in. Does Occam's Razor apply here?
Quote: Originally Posted by tonylumpkin Found a hoard of Oxxfords today. I picked up three out of the five. I haven't done precise measurements yet, but they look to be in the 38-39 S range. The top one is a black/grey herringbone, the bottom one is 100% silk and the navy blazer in the middle is 100% cashmere. So....lookin' to sell any of those fine jackets?
Heh, prescient topic. I've been struggling with that of late as a cyclist (talk about thunder thighs...). I much prefer flat-front, as pleats tend to give me too much room in the crotch, even though the thighs are nice. I tend to do what several others have suggested, which is buy something that is fairly tight (but still fits) in the thigh, then bring in the waist to fit. Maybe taper the calf if it's needed.
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